World’s Biggest Coffee Morning. The Big ‘C’

World’s Biggest coffee morning returns to GForces

The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning is not just a chance to catch up with colleagues over a cuppa. It’s a chance to help millions of supporters, professionals, volunteers, campaigners, and people affected by cancer, with the bonus of cake. It’s also the biggest fund-raising event of the year for Macmillan Cancer Support. So, this morning, just like thousands of businesses and individuals across the country, GForces met for an elevenses with a difference that makes a difference.

This is an annual event we really get our teeth into. And our resident bakers and fakers (those who contributed ready-made goodies) answered the call in style as always. We can only imagine there are numerous flour and icing-sugar dusted kitchen counters across Kent and the Midlands left in the wake of such supreme efforts. Not to mention the cross-the-car-park waltz that goes hand in hand with balancing your security pass and offerings without dropping either.

Last year, Macmillan raised nearly £30 million, and this year they want to aim for even more. It really does get bigger every year, something our waistlines are also in danger of, with increasingly more colleagues donating their time to whipping something up for us all to enjoy. But with such a high target to reach, we’d be remiss not to ask all our friends, clients, and partners to consider donating too. If you’d like to be part of our coffee morning, at least in spirit, you can do so by texting ‘MUG QUX6’ to 70550 to send a £5 donation.

The first ever Coffee Morning was held in 1990 as a relatively small get-together for Macmillan staff and a few guests. But it was so popular, Macmillan took it national the next year and haven’t looked back since. Over the years, Coffee Morning has raised a staggering £165.5 million for the charity. One in three people will face cancer at some point, and through Coffee Morning, Macmillan will make sure they never face it alone.

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