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Earlier this year, Hyundai launched their pioneering ‘click to buy’ scheme, giving their customers the option to configure a vehicle, research finance, pay their deposit, or buy outright from the comfort of their own home.

And a quick, easy, no-haggle option appears to already have considerable appeal to buyers. Having only gone live on the 6th of January, by the end of the month they’d already sold 23 cars.

What’s more, over 100,000 visitors have explored the site. And as connected consumers have been shown to visit a retailer just once prior to purchase, it’s safe to assume that most of their research takes place online. All Hyundai are offering is the natural next step, and they aren’t the only manufacturer making this kind of move.

But before we go any further, we should probably point out that this doesn’t pose a threat to dealers. In fact, it seems to present an opportunity that demands to be embraced. So far, Hyundai have seen 43% of their customers trade in their current vehicle, and over 93% collected their new car from a local dealer.

Manufacturers selling their cars online isn’t new either. Ford were the first to introduce it in the UK in 2010. Back then, four in every ten buyers indicated they would be willing to buy a vehicle over the internet. In 2015, that figure had grown to 75%. Compare that to only a third who indicated they would buy directly from a dealer, or the measly 0.4% who wouldn’t change their buying process in any way, and the huge potential in making the entire car buying journey a digital one is obvious.

BMW, Ford, Mercedes, Smart and many others have all offered the option to purchase online for some time, so what is it about Hyundai’s scheme that seems different?

Ease and convenience play major roles. Rather than pick a specific model (although you can do so), Hyundai invite you to talk about your part exchange and what you have available to spend first. Within three clicks, you get a trade-in value and a number of different purchase avenues to explore. And when you pick one of them, that’s when you are given a choice of matching vehicles that meet your budget.

It’s important not to underestimate the conversion power this offers. In less than five minutes, you can complete every aspect of the process, from part exchange to placing your deposit. Then, in as little as two weeks later, you could be driving your new car.

Hyundai customers have also indicated that the simple and innovative advertising campaign was a big factor in drawing their attention to the scheme. This too, is something of a departure for a manufacturer. Although others have offered online buying before as we’ve mentioned, it would seem they haven’t gone out of their way to draw attention to it. If click to buy continues to be the success its started off as, maybe we’ll see that change too, along with our own car buying behaviour.

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