Vauxhall Contract Extension is a Marque of Distinction

Vauxhall secures dealer future to GForces platform

For the last four years or so, we’ve enjoyed a fantastic relationship with Vauxhall UK that has gone from strength to strength. We’ve grown and nurtured the account, working with people like Barry Scott, Vauxhall’s Retailer Website & Digital Manager, and Karen Standen, their Head of Digital Marketing. In fact, a great deal of our success together is due to excellent communication, allowing us to meet their needs as a client and exceed their expectations. Through their dedicated Account Manager, James Taylor, Vauxhall’s aims and goals for the website have been built into the offering we’ve provided as both it, and our relationship, has grown.

The result is the recent announcement that Vauxhall UK have extended our existing contract with them, through to March 2018. And we are of course extremely pleased and honoured to receive such a mark of distinction in our favour. Or should that be marque?

Of course, we’ve always believed that NetDirector® is an industry leading solution, though we do admit we might be a little biased. But to receive continued endorsement from a client as established and influential as Vauxhall UK, our role as a technology, marketing, and consultancy service provider to major manufacturers is clear, as are our capabilities.

An essential element of Vauxhall’s evolving website is a transition to user-first. We’re paving the way forward for intuitive design and functionality that puts user preferences, and how they want to work, at the forefront of the site’s operation.

That’s why part of the offering includes a free New Car Configurator, subject to a dealer’s new car CAP license, as well as Vauxhall’s digital asset distribution and data integrations. This allows Vauxhall to roll out consistent brand messaging to their clients through a unified retailer network, who in turn get manufacturer levels of engagement and consumer intelligence. There are also many bolt-on modules and integrations dealers can choose from to enhance their sites further, including finance and valuations. That’s on top of the many standard features, like service booking, BI reporting and Reevoo.

We integrate features that the manufacturer wants, but also benefits the dealer network and serves the consumer. In return, we get a happy client and a greater take up of our products and services, not to mention the contract extension. And from such a position of strength and stability, we can look to build and improve even further on key metrics, like conversion. So, as you can see, it’s working together that provides the most benefit to all, and we hope to see continued success and growth as we head towards March 2018, and hopefully, for much longer thereafter.

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