Throwback Thursday: James Bond Gadgets to Become a Reality?

Throwback Thursday: 007

Yes, if you’ve got £2.75m to spare…but don’t take it out on the roads

Long ago (well, April last year) we predicted how what once seemed like impossibly futuristic equipment on the ‘Bond cars’ of the 60s, 70s and 80s would become a reality on many high-end cars in the next few years.

Forgive us, then, for feeling slightly smug at the news that Aston Martin Works, a specialist department of the manufacturer that carries out restoration and personalisation work, are producing 28 limited-edition recreations of 007’s silver DB5 – featuring many of the gadgets that have enthralled generation after generation of children on rainy Sunday afternoons.

Built in Newport Pagnell like the original DB5, and modelled after the classic that first appeared in Goldfinger in 1964 – though without the gun barrels behind the front indicators – this edition will be finished in the ‘Silver Birch’ paint scheme and boast a black leather interior. Still more exciting is the possible presence of such delights as a deployable bulletproof shield, satellite tracker, and glovebox-mounted telephone. All the extra gadgets will be developed with the help of the world-renowned special effects supervisor Chris Corbould.

If you are already daydreaming about causing havoc on the M1 with smokescreens and wheel-destroying spikes, however, think again. Unsurprisingly, the recreated DB5 will not be legally allowed to drive on British roads – and that’s if you can afford the healthy cost of £2.75m plus taxes. Only 25 models will be sold, with Aston Martin and EON, producers of the Bond films, keeping one each; another will be auctioned for charity.

So while the wait for ejector seats or amphibious capabilities continues, the production of a “real” Bond vehicle, with gadgetry not a million miles away from what we saw in the films we grew up with, indicates that progress is being made!


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