There’s snow place like GForces

There was no snow on the line when it came to supporting our clients

Snow hit Kent and large swathes of the country last week, as the Beast from the East and Storm Emma grappled to land an icy grip on the Garden of England. As you may expect of a company whose core services are based on creating perfect-fit and innovative solutions, GForces were prepared for the cold front. As an ISO 27001 certified company, we must make sure we have numerous contingency plans in place for worst-case scenarios. In other words, we’ve spent the last three years training and preparing for just such an event.

And of course, what we weren’t prepared to do was leave our clients out in the cold – or receive an icy blast from them if we weren’t there for them when they likely needed us the most.

Last Monday, we put our business continuity plan into action, with the vast majority of teams setting up to work from home as the snow hit on Tuesday. With the bad weather threatening to make journeys to and from the office difficult, it was also a case of safety first. We love our rural location, especially our home on Caring Lane. With footpaths through the woods just next door, and Kent’s rolling hills surrounding us, it’s a beautiful place to live and work. But like many little lanes and village roads, its prone to ice and can be consumed by snow extremely quickly.

Luckily, if you’ll forgive the Six Million Dollar Man trope, we have the technology and the capability to be available at the touch of a button, wherever we are. Or to at least redirect our phones. And our key support staff were on call (literally) to keep our provision of services up and running. Despite the big freeze, we remained cool under (low) pressure.

Between Wednesday and Friday, we were able to solve a total of 544 service requests, and our average response time remained under half an hour throughout, being just fifteen minutes on Wednesday. And over the same period, just over a quarter of all requests were resolved with “one-touch” – or in the first instance too. This meant that, despite the snow drifts, and the influx of requests, we were still able to meet our service level agreement response in 99% of cases. Perfection after all, is rarely attainable, but by chasing it we can catch excellence. And it leaves room for improvement.

On the first day of the bad weather, just seven of our usual 190-strong staff were at our Head Office in Bearsted. As automotive specialists, it should come as no surprise that many of us are committed petrol-heads, and the few 4WD drivers among us were more than happy to have the opportunity to justify enjoying their drive in a little more than usual. And a few of those with mere 2WD perhaps couldn’t resist reenacting the Monte Carlo Group B rally stages from the 1980s either. Between twenty and forty staff made it in over the following days, and the comradery was clear. Everyone mucked in to answer phones and customer queries, which again showed in the 100% customer satisfaction we received in feedback

We’re a big company, but we’re big-hearted too, and we’re one big team. The snow brought us together more than ever. From snow ball fights to sharing pizza, and even defying-the-odds adventures that involved everything from a McDonalds run to surfing an inflatable flamingo over the frozen waves, we made the most of it. To our colleagues fighting cabin fever and keeping everything up and running from home, we also couldn’t have done it without you too.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be introducing you to our dedicated Client Services team and will be showing you more of our operations and how we work. As always, we’ll keep you posted!

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