Spring clean and get lean with your 2017 marketing

Spring has sprung, so get ready for a season of growth and renewal online.

Yesterday morning, at 10.28 exactly, Spring was declared official. From here on in, the days will be getting longer, the weather warmer (honest), and the outlook brighter. It’s time to put the Uggs and parkas back in the cupboard, and strip down to the season’s essentials. Many of us will be using it as an excuse to clear out the clutter or get back into shape. But maybe still keep the jacket and boots handy. After all, this is a British spring we’re talking about…and it always pays to be prepared for anything.

It’s also the perfect time to apply the same readiness, anticipation, and removal of cobwebs from your marketing strategy. Here are our top tips.

Be more social. It’s the perfect time of year for people to see more of you, and social media provides the ideal opportunity. Evaluate all the social media platforms and channels you use, either by simply listing pros and cons, or with a full SWAT analysis. Identify where you’d like to focus your efforts (it will probably be obvious if you have clear favourites), and drop the others for now. You can always reintroduce scaled strategies to your lesser-used channels in the future.

Get engaged. And no, we don’t mean buy a ‘ring by spring’ and pop the question to your partner. We mean figure out what you’re going to say to your audience, and when. But just like your better half, when the time comes, they don’t want to hear a sales pitch. They want to hear something genuine and meaningful, and they want the opportunity to connect with you.

Improve your view. Look at every touch point where connected consumers can interact with your business. Evaluate how your brand is experienced from their point of view. Seasons change, and so do customer journeys. Make sure you are meeting the needs and expectations of today’s audience.

Freshen things up. Your website is your digital shopfront and one of the most important marketing tools you have in your arsenal. But it’s all too easy to let the shelves get a bit dusty, and for the paint to fade as you concentrate on other things. Then, before you know it, everything’s already passed its sell by date. Make sure your content reflects your current messaging, that you offer streamlined navigation, and that your content is optimised for conversion.

Lose some weight. Before you start on this season’s marketing campaigns, run through your email lists and client databases. Strip away all the non-responders, those who have gone out of business, and even those you’ve recently lost to competitors. They’re no good to you right now, but remember to touch base with them after a few months or when they might be getting towards the end of their contract. With a trimmed down, up to date client list, you’ll see more effective campaigns and a better ROI.

And finally, have some fun. Be creative. Share your vision for your business. Showcase your innovations. Get rid of the clutter that’s holding you back. Spring has sprung, so get out there and enjoy yourself and everything it has to offer.

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Author: Luke Phillips (110 Articles)

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