Plug-in software solutions for any website

GForces have developed a range of plug-in software solutions, which can be integrated into any website*, not just those on our NetDirector platform.

These online tools have been developed to consider the modern consumer and their desire for convenience and answers at the click of a button. All of our products are designed to keep your business at the forefront of technology and our plug-in products are no exception. Our current plug-in solutions are outlined below.

*For those who don’t have a GForces website there will be a small integration fee

If you are interested in any of our plug-in products please contact your dedicated Account Manager or Robert Playford ( on 0844 846 4767.

NetDirector CAP Valuations

When consumers are looking to buy a new car, there is one figure that they are ultimately seeking; the cost to change.

NetDirector CAP Valuations has been developed in conjunction with CAP, the industry’s leading valuation provider. It’s a plug-in vehicle valuation tool, which uses CAP data to offer consumers an instant online valuation of their existing vehicles based on up-to-date trade figures.

You have the ability to content manage the valuations returned by entering percentage change or monetary discounts/uplifts against CAP values on a vehicle make, model group, variant and trim level. You can also determine a minimum and maximum valuation threshold and exclude vehicles on which a valuation will not be generated.

NetDirector Assets – Interiors

NetDirector Assets – Interiors is a unique customer experience which gives a 360 degree tour inside the cabin of any car in the range. A picture speaks a thousand words but an interactive web page will engage. And when it comes to interactivity, few automotive products are as effective as NetDirector Assets – Interiors.

Your website visitors can zoom in and out and perform full 360 degree views to appreciate the features and comfort of the vehicles interior. This in turn supports remote selling and encourages them to visit your dealership and take a test drive.

NetDirector Service Booking

NetDirector Service Booking is a system that enables customers to schedule service appointments online 24/7 without the need to speak to a service advisor.

It’s no longer enough to have a service enquiry form on a page on a website and hope that customers will complete the form and request a call back for a price. Customers want transparent, immediate pricing and the ability to schedule an appointment now, which is where our online service booking system comes in.

NetDirector Service Plans

GForces’ service plan software helps retailers maximise service bay utilisation. It can be as simple or as complex as you like and can be tailored to meet your exact business requirements. Low-cost monthly license fees mean you can expect substantial cost savings over the traditional ‘price per plan sold’ model – without the need for charging your most loyal customers additional plan set-up or monthly maintenance fees.

NetDirector Service Plans allows you total flexibility in your approach to plan pricing: manufacturer recommended, lower cost ‘fixed-price’ servicing or a mixture of both can be offered in order to maximise plan sales. Plans can be tailored to include additional options such as MOTs, brake fluid changes and other upsells. VHC ‘amber’ work can be included in a plan too with our bespoke plan feature.

NetDirector Tyres

Promote and sell more tyres both online and off by providing your customers with a quick and easy way of obtaining a quote for replacement tyres, making a booking and having them fitted.

NetDirector Tyres allows customers to search by car make/model, tyre size or via registration lookup. Customers can also list preferences such as budget and driving style to return a suitable selection. These are listed by brand and if specified, can feature seasonal and specialist options as well as promotions, such as winter tyres.

Additional services such as wheel alignment can be added to NetDirector Tyres, giving further up-sell opportunities, and it is also possible to add integration into Stapletons Profitlink system with retail markups automatically added. GForces’ optional online payment module can be added to the system so payments can be collected securely online.

NetDirector Parts and Accessories

NetDirector Parts & Accessories means you can sell online – 24/7

It is the UK’s leading eCommerce platform for the automotive sector with 31 accessory catalogues from 27 major car manufacturers available ‘off the shelf’. Fully optimised for mobile devices, setting up an online shop has never been easier.

Each eCommerce shop comes pre-populated with over 100 parts and lifestyle accessories so you don’t have to load them yourself. And because they are fully compliant with your manufacturer’s CI guidelines, you can be assured of the standard.

A greater range of products online can generate increased loyalty and cross-selling opportunities that will have a significant impact on your bottom line.


GForces has joined a select group of UK companies that have achieved Google AdWords Premier SME Partner (PSP) status.
This will allow us to offer a greater range of specialist online advertising solutions and services to motor retailers.

PPC can get you to the top of search engines within minutes and provides immediate access to your target audience. Measurement for paid search is highly accurate, detailed and accessible in real time. Adverts are generated as a result of your chosen keyword(s) being
searched for in a search engine; the advertiser then pays a fee to the search engine each time the advert is clicked. PPC aims to advertise to those people who have actually expressed an interest in your business.

Media Services

Video drives engagement and, with the rapid growth of online video consumption, it makes sense to maximise the value video can bring to employing SEO best practices. Our Media Services team are specialists in high end video production. They manage your video from concept to final production helping you reach new audiences and grow your brand awareness. We offer a variety of video services including testimonials, corporate videos, car reviews, event filming and adverts to name a few.

About GForces

GForces is Europe’s leading provider of digital solutions to the automotive industry. Working with more of the UK Top 200 dealer groups, more OEMs and more international businesses than any rival, we help our clients navigate and maximise their online presence across mobile and desktop platforms.
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Author: GForces (634 Articles)

GForces is Europe’s leading provider of digital solutions to the automotive industry. Working with more of the UK Top 200 dealer groups, more OEMs and more international businesses than any rival, we help our clients navigate and maximise their online presence across mobile and desktop platforms.

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