Our October Monthly Roundup

Our October fest of fantastic new websites

October. The month where we look forward to the scares of Halloween, German beer appreciation, and of course, the latest roundup of our most potent website launches.

Our October was kicked off by Grand Garage, who is a new client to GForces. Situated in Cliftonville, Margate, they offer the full range of new and approved used Peugeot vehicles. They were especially impressed with our communication, advice, training, and most importantly, how satisfied they were with the final product. We’re thrilled to welcome another incredible independent and family-run business to the ever-growing number of NetDirector® sites.

As well as brand new websites, we’re committed to driving innovation in the industry too. Snows Group are the latest of our clients we’ve helped undergo a complete User First migration. By building content and functionality around the user, rather than purely on business requirements, Snows have created a far more engaging and unique visitor experience. With a suite of NetDirector® plug-ins, including: Live Chat, Enquiry Manager, Business Intelligence, Call Manager, and Codeweavers integration, Snows have access to new insights into their digital audience, and the tools to create custom offers for them as a result.

Collins Honda are a single-location dealer in Herstmonceux, near Hailsham, East Sussex. With full scores on how well we understood their business, and the advice they were looking for, we look forward to continuing help them provide the best possible digital offering to their customers.

Just next door, in East Sussex, is Targa Florio Cars. A long-established high-performance and luxury car dealer based in Chichester, they source the most coveted vehicles on the market. And just like GForces, they’ve worked in partnership with the world’s most well-known and prestigious brands to build their reputation. And now their website will match the stunning collection of cars that can be found in the showroom.

Maximum scores for customer satisfaction came from Meridien Milano, who have moved from our previous platform to NetDirector® Auto. Meridien are a family-owned business holding franchises with Abarth, Alfa Romeo, and Jeep. With access to integrated tools, such as CAP Valuations, they’ll be able to deliver a dynamic user journey to the customers, incorporating the latest functionality and content.

Another set of full scores came from Windsor Motor Group, who boast stat-of-the-art showrooms in Dublin, Galway, Meath, and Wicklow. Established in 1964, their clients can rely on their decades of experience and their hard-earned reputation for providing the best-quality, affordable, locally-sourced vehicles. This is their first website with GForces, and we are very pleased to have met their expectations so fully.

As ever, October saw us working with a broad-range of clients. In total, sixteen new NetDirector® websites were launched, each with unique needs and requirements fulfilled. We look forward to putting on an equally impressive display in November.

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