August Monthly Roundup

August Monthly Roundup

An awesome August for NetDirector® Auto-e

Temperatures soared, and so did the number of automotive ecommerce websites powered by our platform.

August saw temperatures soar to record highs, and not far behind those impressive figures was the number of new websites launched by GForces for the month. Altogether, we saw 27 digital dealerships join the NetDirector® family of websites in August. We also saw an impressive rollout of our vehicle locator and service booking software with Jaguar Land Rover, now live in the USA, Canada, and a significant number of Asian markets, as well as new retailers added to their network in Mexico.

As always, every type of retailer, from independent specialists to manufacturer networks is represented. Here are our August highlights.

Snows Group is a long-standing GForces client, and we’re extremely pleased to help them usher in a new era of ecommerce enabled business for their “Too Good to Auction” used vehicle selection. Snows asked us to implement a subtle refresh of the website at the same time as evolving their functionality, which we were only too happy to oblige. This is one of the many benefits of the incredibly flexible NetDirector® Auto-e software, and the SaaS (software as a service) at the core of the platform.

“The ongoing maintenance and development is of significant importance. We are fortunate to work with a great supplier – GForces.”

Allen Scott, Group Marketing & Communications Director, Snows Group

Another long-term client of GForces adapting to the changing market is Vantage Group. Not only have they opted for NetDirector® Auto-e and the full benefits of online vehicle sales, but they’ve also launched a dedicated digital dealership for electric and hybrid vehicles. This is one of the few sectors showing impressive growth in the current market, and shows exactly how retailers can turn disruption and change within the industry into opportunities. They were especially impressed with our communication over the course of the project and the delivery of the final product.

Beechwood Suzuki is a single-franchise family business based in Derby, with over 50 years’ experience in automotive. They strive for exceptional customer service, so we’re especially grateful for the full scores we saw from them in our own customer satisfaction survey.

Based in Stourbridge and Erdington, Paul Rigby Group is an award-winning Volvo retailer, offering a complete range of new vehicles and approved used Volvo SELEKT models from their state-of-the-art facilities. They now have a digital dealership to match their prestigious offline offering, in the form of their new NetDirector® Auto-e website.

“GForces supported the launch through really helpful and competent staff. We can’t wait to see how this works out for the business.”

Oscar Lumley, Co-ordinator, Paul Rigby Group

Wynyard Motor Company is a prestige and performance specialist based in Stockton-On-Tees. Their expertise is reflected in their genuine passion for cars and the unbiased and independent buying advice they are known for. We were extremely pleased to see a full 5/5 in our customer satisfaction survey from them.

“I can only applaud GForces from the start to finish. Matt (Project Manager) helped all processes along and made things as easy as they could be.”

Grey Ramsey, Director, Wynyard Motor Company

Another set of full scores in customer satisfaction came from RMB Automotive. Based in Teesside, Darlington, and North Allington, they are specialist retailers of Toyota, Lexus, Renault, and Dacia vehicles. They’ve utilised the flexibility on offer through NetDirector® Auto-e to enable online payments and deposits to their customers. With the option to evolve their offering in line with their own business model, full ecommerce, including finance applications with instant credit decisions, is only ever just a software upgrade away.

Our ongoing partnership with Jaguar Land Rover saw further expansion in August, particularly in Asian markets. We sent a team to China to get an on-the-ground view of the retailer situation there. This enabled us to put the right support strategy in place for a regional roll-out of our service booking widget, which extended to Brunei, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Cambodia, the Philippines, Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand.

We also launched new and used car locators for Jaguar Land Rover in the USA and Canada, with multilingual versions for the latter. As a result, this legacy product now supports over 400 retailers, and gives car buyers in America and Canada digital access to over 45,000 new and certified pre-owned Jaguar Land Rover vehicles. The launch also represents our first major deployment in this market.

“GForces embraced a challenging brief, and surpassed our expectations with the quality of delivery and their attention to detail. The flexibility of their approach, alongside with their account services, enabled us to evolve our UX requirements to make the most of the software’s capabilities. The new Jaguar Land Rover vehicle locator tool exceeded our expectations, providing faster and more intuitive digital tools that our valued customers expect.”

Kimberly Bolan, Digital Marketing Specialist, Jaguar Land Rover

As our August roundup and the last few months have shown, ecommerce is now being demanded by consumers and retailers alike. And, manufacturers and retailers alike are recognising the need for a seamless, omnichannel user experience that puts consumer convenience first. NetDirector® Auto-e is the only end-to-end ecommerce platform built and designed to meet the requirements of dealers, manufacturers, and consumers. If you’d like to know more, you can get in touch here. We look forward to bringing you more highlights next month.

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