November Monthly Roundup

November Monthly Roundup 2019

November shows continued impressive uptake of our ecommerce platform.

November is a month where we can’t but help think about things getting colder, the approach of the end of the year – and maybe even taking things a little easier as a result. But, there’s no sign that the demand for ecommerce, from either consumers or retailers, is slowing down. Yet again, we’ve seen automotive businesses of all sizes, and from all sectors, embrace online vehicle sales. Here are our November highlights.

One of our first launches of the month was for Frosts Cars Ltd., a client we are very happy to be welcoming back to the NetDirector® family of websites. They are one of the largest family-owned retail groups in Sussex, and are committed to providing a first-class service and affordable motoring services to their customers. With full end-to-end ecommerce, their new website (complete with our new seasonal festive features package for Christmas) enables 24/7 online vehicle sales. We’re also extremely grateful for a full 5/5 in our customer satisfaction survey.

“The design and build process has been outstanding. We were provided with frequent updates and unrivalled support throughout.”

Robert Robinson, Group Marketing Manager, Frosts Cars Ltd

Connolly Motor Group is using the NetDirector® Auto-e platform to add a new franchise to their digital offering – Hyundai. This brings the South Korean marque to both the Galway region, and their online audience. They also added to our set of full scores from this month’s customer satisfaction surveys.

One of Ireland’s largest retail groups is Spirit Motor Group. They represent Jaguar, Land Rover, Volvo, Ford, ŠKODA, SEAT, and Volkswagen across nine locations, as well as offering a huge selection of used and commercial vehicles. Their flexible, ecommerce capable website is set up to process online deposits, and Gubagoo live chat to meet their individual business needs. We also saw full scores for our friendly and professional attitude, our communication, and how satisfied they were with the final product.

“Everyone at GForces is superbly confident and experienced at their job.”

Colm Reilly, Digital Marketing Executive, Spirit Motor Group

Kerridge Ltd. is a family-owned used vehicle specialist based in Halesworth, Suffolk, and boasts over a century of experience. The customer-centric focus at the core of their offering makes our user-first platform that prioritises the customer journey a perfect match. We’re again extremely grateful for the full 5/5 we saw from them in our customer satisfaction survey.

No matter how large a retailer’s physical location, it’s usually impossible for an entire range of vehicles to be displayed in all available colours and variants. For Chevrolet Alghanim Kuwait, we’ve launched a full, life-size, interactive screen that can display any available vehicle in a desired specification. Utilising NetDirector® Experience technology, a customer can explore a 1:1 scale depiction of their model of interest, through an immersive and highly-engaging showroom solution.

Kerry Motor Works is the oldest family-run dealer in Ireland, having been an authorised Ford dealer since 1919. They look to provide their customers with a quality product and service, at the right price and on demand. They have opted to include online deposits as part of their NetDirector® Auto-e offering, allowing for further ecommerce expansion as they see demand from their customer base grow.

“Top quality service and product provided by the GForces team. I would highly recommend.”

Simon Benner, Director, Kerry Motor Works.

Established in 1984, C & M McDonald has been serving motorists in the North East for more than 30 years. With a no-pressure sales environment being a priority, they’re understanding of how the customer journey and consumer expectation have evolved makes NetDirector® Auto-e an ideal choice for their business needs. We were very pleased they thought so too, with another set of full scores in customer satisfaction received.

Keith Motors is an established dealer with three locations across Dorset and Hampshire. They have faithfully served their customer bases since 1951, constantly progressing their offering to meet demand. This is reflected in their completely up to date digital dealership from GForces, which incorporates every aspect of their renowned services.

“GForces helped us transform an outdated, five-year-old website into a fresh and inviting one ready for 2020.”

Ben Clark, Marketing Executive, Keith Motors

NetDirector® Auto-e is facilitating change for automotive businesses, levelling the playing field and making them digitally relevant to today’s connected consumer. We look forward to bringing you more highlights of our latest launches next month. You can see our previous roundups from November here and here.

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