Ritam’s 2nd Blog – My Work Experience Week at GForces

Work Experience at GForces, by Ritam GhoshWork Experience here at GForces has been a great introduction to a great company. Now, after five days of tasks and work-shadowing, I can let everyone know what I’ve been up to.

I started my week with a review of Gubagoo, which helped me learn more about how websites are laid out. This was useful, as I hadn’t ever carried out a review of a website and it helped me to develop skills such as thinking about different colours and the affect they have on users. I was also made to think about how the layouts of certain parts of a page could be improved in order to engage the viewer. This exercise also allowed me to better understand the products used in the automotive industry, such as Chatsmart and Text+. By the end of the exercise, I was made aware of all the aspects that are considered when creating a website.

I then moved on to a blog that focused on how well companies use social media to target young people, which I enjoyed writing, as I was able to look at different brands and make comparisons between them. This also helped me to develop skills such as analysing the content brands create and evaluating the effectiveness of their campaigns. I was also able to develop my writing style by trying to write in a concise and logical manner. With the help of some members of the Creative Team, I was able to understand the importance of choosing professional images of the right quality and from the right sources. I was also shown how to manipulate images in order to create a theme in terms of colour and how to enhance images further.

I also wrote two reports on how Work Experience could be beneficial for me and how I could use social networks to look for jobs. The first report was useful, as after doing some research, I was able to find out what types of work experience were beneficial for certain careers. For example, in chemistry related careers, lab work was expected. And for finance jobs, experience in a bank was useful. I was also made aware of the limitations to what Work Experience I could do in these areas, and the level of competition to secure Work Experience placements. It really made me appreciate my week at GForces even more. But it also encouraged me to seek out appropriate Work Experience placements over the next few years to help me decide which career path to take. The report on uses of social media was also useful, as I was introduced to a new method of finding jobs and connecting with people on LinkedIn. I also found out about practical steps I could take to improve my standing as a candidate, such as removing inappropriate posts and using a professional image.

A mock interview was also something I took part in, after researching one of the current vacancies on the GForces website. Having never taken part in anything like this, I was interested in learning how an interviewer would process the information on my CV. I was then challenged to think of three questions to ask a prospective employer. Through this, I learnt how a new employee might progress, and which roles require higher education and additional training.

To end my Work Experience week, I spent some time with the Business Intelligence team, learning how data is reported to clients. This was really interesting, as I was able to learn some details about how data is stored and how it can be used to explain changes in interactions of website users. I was also able to further understand the complexity of the work done here at GForces, as I was able to see how the reports are compiled and generated for clients. I especially enjoyed this part, as it was very different to anything I had seen before. The complexity of the software was something I was surprised and impressed by. I was pleased I managed to understand some of the graphs and data too!

Overall, my experience at GForces has been very positive due to the support from all the staff who have been very friendly. It has also been useful in helping me understand how work is carried out in an office, and I now have a real understanding of the importance of team work.

A big thank you to everyone at GForces for having me tag along.

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