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Roxanne Pollard - Meet the Team

Welcome to the latest article in our Meet the Team series. This time round, we’d like to introduce you to Roxanne Pollard, a Senior Client Service Executive within our first-line Client Services team. Having been with GForces for just over six years, she’s seen the company evolve and adapt alongside the automotive industry and the needs of our clients.

“I was encouraged to apply for a role here by Sian McCurrach. We’d worked together previously, and she hadn’t stopped singing GForces’ praises since she’d started,” Roxanne explains. “I could see why though, as soon as I arrived. I immediately got the impression of an exciting, professional company. I really saw the stepping stones of my potential career path ahead.”

“I started in Software Support, which was completely new to me. I had a sales background, where I’d mainly been working in construction software for major contractors. But I was completely ready for something new with GForces – or at least prepared for it. I moved from selling software to fixing software, and haven’t really looked back since!”

And it’s not the first time Roxanne has chosen a different path or risen to a challenge. When it came to her education, she followed lifelong creative interests and built her own portfolio before applying to the Kent Institute of Art and Design. Although she hadn’t previously studied art officially, her talent and passion were obvious enough to ensure her acceptance. Since then, she’s taken great pride in applying creative thinking to many aspects of her work too.

“I definitely have an eye for detail. A problem can often be tracked back to something very small or only slightly out of place. It’s our job to identify the root cause of a problem, no matter how small, and I think a creative background helps accomplish that. I’m used to coming at things from different angles, and taking a good, long look at the end result before being happy with it.”

Her keen eye is also put to good use in a favourite pastime, photography – which in turn, goes well with her love of travel.

“Travel really does broaden the mind, or to be more accurate, expands perspective – art and culture are very similar in that way. I think it’s what helps keep me level-headed and calm in a crisis. It’s about knowing that the little things do matter, and can make a big difference.”

The same broad outlook is also what feeds Roxanne’s satisfaction within her own role.

“I enjoy supporting people and seeing the end result. I’m definitely motivated by seeing other people’s success. Lauren Ambrose has been my biggest influence at GForces. She has always known where I belonged in terms of the team and my career. Client Services is without a doubt where I fit best here. Kat Kent, Client Services Lead, has also been an inspiration, right from the start. We’re a fast-paced company, and at the beginning, there were definitely times it seemed daunting. Kat was always there to give support and advice, guiding me on my journey. It’s just another thing I appreciate about GForces – we have good people here.”

“I’ve met a lot of hard-working people. There is a genuine pride we share in what we deliver. We constantly monitor feedback, and act on it. We thrive on hard work and gain huge amounts of experience because of it. As a result, we see a lot of progression within the team. We’re naturally sought out to become Product Managers or for other technical roles.”

Roxanne is also very proud of the company.

“I like that GForces is quietly confident as a company. We don’t need to shout about what we do or overstate our capabilities. From a Client Services perspective, we simply provide the best customer support possible by delivering an omnichannel solution via phone, email and live chat. Our actions speak much louder than our words. And I’m really excited about all we’re capable of as a company and the collective experience and background we offer. We’re always moving forward, but I also think we stay grounded and remember our routes as we go. We’ve built everything together, and with huge amounts of hard work.”

The themes of hard work, passion, and appreciation are clearly becoming common threads in this Meet the Team series. We’d even go so far as to say they’re essential aspects of working at GForces. We look forward to bringing you another new take and perspective on life within Client Services at GForces very soon.

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