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Marc Cummins, Digital Advisor

The Problem Solver

In the fourth of our MEET THE TEAM series, we’d like to introduce you to Marc Cummins, one of the Digital Advisors within our Client Services team. Marc has been with GForces for a little over three years. But when he joined us, he already had a world of experience under his belt.

“I’ve got the travel bug pretty bad,” Marc explains. “I’m about long-term travel and immersing myself in a culture. I like to live and work in different places. In New Zealand for instance, I was in a customer-facing role with a company called Auckland Transport, before moving to a role based more on technical support. I learned a lot – not just about working with different people and cultures, but also how each role within a company might need a different approach or mindset. It’s given me a great overview.”

Marc joined GForces at the same time as another member of the Client Services team, Passang Pulger.

“Passang mentored me in a way,” Marc continues. “He really helped me get up to speed and into the GForces spirit of things. But I was really struck straight away by the sense of community. A friend of mine who worked at GForces told me about the job, so I already had a connection. And in my interview, I met Sian McCurrach and spent time with Danielle Worth. I was shown straight away what the company was about and what I’d be doing. I could tell it was important to everybody who worked here.”

Marc’s first role was as a Client Services Executive. It turned out to be a natural fit to a key part of his personality.

“There was an element of problem solving and finding the right solution for a client that really appealed,” Marc admits. “It’s really challenging and satisfying to know that in our industry, there isn’t – or at least shouldn’t be, a one size fits all mentality. Every client is different, and therefore so is their business. And we have to know them in order to know which of our products and services fit best, or even who within our business they should talk to. That’s a great part of the job even now. And I love having this huge resource of assets and experience to pick and choose from. I get to put the pieces of the puzzle together so it’s a perfect fit and the client can see the big picture.”

There are other perks to the job and working with GForces too.

“The team I work with – Katie, Emma, Passang, Ellie, David and Kieron, they just make it fun. And by being part of a close-knit team, I get lots of opportunities to learn from other people. Different personalities mean different approaches to solving an issue. It’s such a great atmosphere. The people are definitely the best thing about the job. I wouldn’t have progressed as well as I have without their help. The team and the seniors have all played their part.”

The open working environment at GForces is also something Marc appreciates.

“I like that more responsibility is naturally given to those who have earned their stripes. It’s inspiration for those who are working their way up, as they know that hard work will be rewarded. But it’s also reassuring that you can turn to someone with experience when you need to. It doesn’t come easy, but GForces has allowed me to set out the foundations for a career, and that’s really important.”

Marc is looking to progress into a senior role. And he’s really looking forward to opportunities where he’ll be able to mould new team members and help others progress their own careers. He considers it a simple case of paying it forward.

“I don’t necessarily have those skills, or that experience now, but it’s something I’m passionate about. And I know that I can rely on GForces to help me get there. We’re a progressive and innovative company. I’ve had a lot of help and support in getting to where I am in the company now, and I’m very keen to see others benefit from the same kind of motivation.”

Marc’s loud yet easy-going personality makes him an easy-fit in the lively Client Services team. And with a background in both sales and customer service roles, he knows what it’s like on both sides of the fence.

“In other words, I know what our clients go through. If we don’t get it right, we’ve wasted our time and theirs. We can’t gamble with their business. We have to be there when they need us. Everyone at GForces takes that responsibility seriously.”

Whether it’s taking care of our clients, taking on comic-con, or taking a bike for a blast, Marc shares many attributes you’ll find common in GForcers. A pinch of petrol-head. A dash of daring. An “out-there” outlook. And of course, full commitment to our clients. We look forward to introducing you to another member of the team in a few weeks’ time.

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