Meet the Team: Lauren Ambrose, Client Services Director

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Meet Lauren Ambrose. Lauren is our Client Services Director, and has been with GForces since 2009, when she started as an Account Support Executive. Before joining us, she was a Channel Marketing Team Assistant for Simpson, Mahoney & Parrock – perhaps better known as SMP, the marketing agency specialising in shopper behaviour. And that meant she joined us with an already established knowledge of consumer journeys and expectations.

Putting people first has been a key objective for Lauren. She thrives on seeing our clients achieve success through the support her team provides. And it’s a team that she’s spent considerable time building from the ground up. So, we thought before we introduce you to them, we’d let you get to know the person behind them and backing them up.

Having previously held the role of Head of Marketing with us, Lauren was used to building relationships that allowed us to deliver solutions to all sectors of the automotive industry. Whether working with partners, or creating campaigns for clients, it always came back to a personal understanding of what was required. Or, to put it another way, by working together. And it’s no surprise that this sense of comradery is something she has used to build the Client Services team. Each team member is matched to a client based on personality and experience. Her mentoring and hands-on approach has also meant that her natural passion and dedication to excellence is regularly reflected in the team’s customer satisfaction survey scores.

But she’s also worked within our Digital Solutions team, meaning she’s no stranger to deadlines or our pride and commitment to getting the job done. It’s a simple code to operate by, but by sticking to doing what we’ve said we’ll do and by when, we have nurtured long-term relationships built on trust with our clients. From global automotive manufacturers to local independents serving their communtiies, Lauren makes sure we have the right people in place to serve them best.

As you can imagine, it’s a role that demands hard work and multi-tasking as par for the course. Luckily, as well as being our Client Services Director, Lauren is also a proud mum, and therefore knows all about long hours and taking on multiple jobs at once. It’s also possibly where she’s gained her keen and sharp sense of humour, which again is something her team seem to have inherited from her.

As a company, GForces likes to win. We’re a work hard, play hard kind of place. Lauren makes no apologies for the expectations she puts on her team, but she does insist on seeing them rewarded for it. From regular team nights out to remembering birthdays, and never forgetting the importance of chocolate, Lauren, just like her role, is all about people. We look forward to introducing you to more of the team in the next few weeks.

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