Meet the Team: Katie Woodard, Digital Advisor

The True GForcer

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, we’d like you to get to know some of the faces here at GForces. This time, it’s the turn of Katie Woodard, one of our dedicated Digital Advisors. Katie has been with us for just over two years now, and in her own words… “felt really encouraged and motivated from the start. Especially by how my future potential was made a priority”.

“After seeing a role advertised on a friend’s Facebook page, I was really impressed by the presence and status portrayed by the company,” she explains. “And it only got better at the interview stage. Danielle Worth and Kat Kent interviewed me first, and we got on instantly. The same was true with my second interview with Sian McCurrach. I’m sure we were all in fits of laughter at the end, in a good way!”

This seems to be something that hasn’t changed in her time with us.

“I love my team! It feels like we’re a family. Everyone looks out for each other. If someone’s having a difficult day, they can count on everyone else covering for them and helping them to get smiling again.”

Katie’s progression with us is also a reflection of how quickly things can change. Her previous roles had been mainly administrative, with no software experience. But although at first she found this daunting, the support was in place to propel her forward.

“It was really reassuring. The support and training I had was challenging but equipped me with everything I needed to talk to customers confidently. I started out as a Client Services Executive (First Line Support), where I was introduced to the GForces culture, like nights out to reward getting 100% customer satisfaction. I then progressed to a Junior Digital Advisor role, taking the Wilsons account under my wing. I also took on more marketing and grew in confidence. I then became a Digital Advisor, and now look after larger clients, like Marshall and Jardine.”

“I’m naturally a very driven person, and I’m probably my own worst critic,” Katie adds, with a characteristic giggle. “The environment at GForces definitely encouraged me to come out of my shell. I’ve seen a massive expansion of my skillset – I’d never have imagined being able to do client presentations at the start of my career.”

And she feels that she’s been equipped with the right knowledge and support to step up and go further, with her sights set on progressing to Senior Digital Advisor and Account Management. Her high-energy, positive attitude and hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed by the rest of us either. At the end of 2017, she received the ‘True GForcer’ Award.

Katie was also one of our AGILE champions, after putting herself forward at one of our “town-hall” meetings. Since the beginning of December, Katie has been helping facilitate the weekly meetings and transitions involved. And she’s also been currently learning more about our platform product development, catching up with the weekly feature releases so she’s always up to date. We think it’s safe to say that being outside of her comfort zone…isn’t really outside of Katie’s comfort zone! Perhaps it’s best we leave the final words to Katie.

“I just love the opportunity to build new relationships. I have amazing clients, and the Account Managers and Strategists I work with are all brilliant, including every single member of the Client Services Department. GForces isn’t just work…it feels like home!”.

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