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Jeremy Ross - MEET THE TEAM

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Welcome to the third in our MEET THE TEAM series. We’d like to introduce you to Jeremy Ross, a member of the 2nd Line Client Services Team and one of our Software Technical Support specialists. Jeremy has been with GForces for nearly four years, and he’s a great example of the drive our people tend to share. And it was our people and our culture that Jeremy first came into contact with, rather than the company itself.

“I was pulling pints in The White Horse in Bearsted”, Jeremy explains. “A lot of GForcers live locally to the village and the main office. Wednesday nights often meant teams getting together for socials. I was really struck by the positive atmosphere around them. Everyone seemed to look out for each other. And the guys running the company were generous and mucked in with the rest of them. It wasn’t something I was used to, and it really impacted me.”

Jeremy was so impressed by the GForces way of doing things, it didn’t take long for him to strike up a rapport with some of the movers and shakers. And he took it upon himself to come straight out and ask for a job.

“Well if you don’t ask, you don’t get,” Jeremy shrugs.

And he did get. He joined us as Business Development Executive, answering the phones for nine months and learning the ropes. He quickly made a name for himself as someone with confidence and drive.

“There is an energy at GForces that’s hard to ignore. I found it genuinely hard to just pack up and go home. And others did too. If a job needed doing, we stuck around.”

It was helping the Projects and Client Services teams in his own time that opened up new opportunities for Jeremy too.

“I’m a bit cocky, maybe even annoying sometimes. But it made me a perfect fit within what we called a Fast Response Team. We had one simple goal: to launch as many websites as possible. It was a great atmosphere. We were really successful, but we also had a laugh. It was the typical work hard, play hard thing that GForces is well known for, at least internally. We like to win.”

Jeremy’s aptitude and confidence meant it was only a matter of time before he caught the attention of our customer facing teams. Lauren Ambrose, Client Services Director, who you’ve already met in a previous post, saw his potential and laid the path for him to make another move upwards.

“Lauren has guided me, protected me, and I definitely wouldn’t be here without her. She’s really helped me bring focus to my career. I feel settled and like I belong. My team are amazing. I work with Toby Hanslow, and Stephen Bridger. They’re not happy until the client is. They set a real standard. At face value, we’re just people put together at random. There isn’t an obvious connection, but it really works. We’re a tight team.”

Jeremy is part of our International Support Team. Along with the other dedicated individuals making it up, Jeremy helps monitor the technical functionality and performance of websites for clients such as Jaguar Land Rover. The team also plays an important role in supporting our clients in MENA and our Global Partner Programme.

At GForces, we regularly make the point that our people are our greatest asset. Commitment to getting the job done. Shrugging off the 9 to 5 attitude. Digging in and recognising we get more done together than on our own. These are values we all have in common at GForces, and the connection we all share. We look forward to sharing more of who we are and what we’re about in the coming weeks.

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