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At GForces we’ve always strived to be trend setters, and dare we say even leaders of the industry. One of the things we’ve always known that differentiates us from the competition though, is the people who work for us and the distance they go to keep our clients happy.

Our dedicated first line support team are on hand six days a week, from 7am to 7pm weekdays and until 3.30pm on Saturdays. Which just happens to overlap the usual opening hours of our clients and when they are most likely to need us.

And we know they appreciate us for it too. Our latest customer satisfaction surveys have set a new record, not to mention standard, of 99.1%. This is without a doubt down to our hard-working and dedicated team, who have committed not just to providing seamless and professional service, but also to the long hours and occasional headache that goes with it.

Overall, the client service team saw 4% fewer tickets raised, a 36% reduction in backlog, an 11% increase in positive ratings and an impressive 50% drop in negative scores. Nearly a third of all tickets were resolved instantly and even our two-hour response time was smashed, achieving a new average of just 88 minutes.

But there’s still more we can do and offer. In late September, we rolled out a live chat facility, a second line of support to cover out-of-hours services and operational in both the UK and Dubai.

Understanding that it’s often when the normal pressures and hours of business have passed that problems might get noticed is just one of the reasons we’ve extended our services. And being there when we’re needed benefits our clients businesses as well as our own. We always say that conversion is at the core of everything we do, but so is complete customer satisfaction. Well, at least almost in this case!

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