GForces is GDPR ready

The GDPR countdown has started

If you’ve been following some of our blogs and social media posts from the last few months, or maybe even joined our recent webinar, you’ll know that GForces is taking the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) seriously. And today marks just one month to go until the GDPR becomes UK law.

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When the GDPR legislation was first Identified by GForces in January 2015, we began looking to adopt the globally recognised international standard of ISO 27001. And we became the first ISO 27001 certified company in our sector as a result.

Not only does ISO 27001 provide GForces with an internationally approved system for managing data, the standard is compatible with much of the framework of the proposed GDPR legislation. And it means as a data processor, GForces already adheres to stricter obligations than those set out within the current Data Protection Act 1998.

After reviewing our systems and processes, and considerable investment into our data management and security infrastructure, we are pleased to announce that GForces is GDPR ready.

That means on top of the industry-leading insights we provide our clients with, they can also be assured that use of our products and services can be included as part of their own GDPR compliance plans. After all, we’ve built our reputation on data-driven creative thinking.

And there’s still many more ways we can help our clients with their own journey towards GDPR compliance.

Compliance Consultancy Services

As part of our GForces Compliance Consultancy Services, we offer bespoke levels of assistance. Our fully qualified specialists can carry out auditing, provide appropriate training, and advise on implementation and infrastructure changes you might need to make. We even offer a dedicated technology solution, with our Data Preference Centre.

Compliance Enablement

Effective control and protection of personal data is the focus of many GDPR requirements. We’ve created easy to use tools that allow our clients to action their own security measures, including:

  • Ability to ensure consistent and ongoing confidentiality, integrity and availability security, as well as long-term effectiveness of processing systems and services
  • Ability to restore availability and access to personal data in a time-sensitive manner following a physical or technical incident
  • Personal data encryption
  • Regular assessment, evaluation and testing processes in place for effective technical and organisational security measures

Personal Data Security

GForces has all the technical and organisational measures in place for data processing and to secure personal data in accordance with the GDPR.

In addition, our clients can rely on us to only ever use, store, or process data vital to our operations and theirs. None of our software uses automated decision making or profiling, and we continually improve our security measures in line with our certification.

And even with just one month to go, you can count on us to keep the GDPR conversation going. We’ll have more updates, posts, and support to announce both before May 25th and beyond. Watch this space!

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