Funny Food. Our Comic Relief Bake Sale.

We did something yummy for money.


Here at GForces, we have a passion for technology and automotive, two things we combine brilliantly. Something else we do rather well is bringing two of our other passions together, in the form of great food and great causes. So, to coin Comic Relief’s slogan, we decided to do something yummy for money, to help support Red Nose Day 2017.

Our bakes and bunting ready for our Comic Relief bake sale.

We don’t need much excuse to let our creative culinary talents loose if we’re honest. We’re a slightly competitive bunch, and it’s always fun to have our foodies challenge each other and raise the bar. Especially when the rest of us get to enjoy the results. This morning and afternoon we will be indulging in everything from chocolate Guinness cupcakes to flapjacks, and even scones with jam and clotted cream. All home baked and brought in to feed the hoard. A big thank you to our fabulous baker boys and girls.

Cakes and queues at our Comic Relief bake sale.

You can find out more about Comic Relief and Red Nose Day 2017 here. From a swear jar app that downright encourages bad language (hopefully something you’ll never find on our blog!), to the opportunity to own memorabilia from the highly anticipated reunion of the stars from Love Actually in ‘Red Nose Day Actually’, there are lots of fun ways you can get involved.

Comic Relief supports some incredible projects in the UK and Africa that tackle heart-breaking poverty and injustice. This Red Nose Day, there are five issues in particular where support will be focused: immunisation, mental health, vulnerable young people, domestic violence, and fighting malaria.

In the last year, Comic Relief charities have given over 860,000 children in Africa live-saving vaccines. But there’s still more that can be achieved with the right support. In the UK alone, one in four people experience mental health issues. Poverty robs children of their childhood both here in the UK and Africa. Police receive, on average, over 100 calls relating to domestic violence every hour, and up to 60% of women who experience domestic violence are pregnant at the time. But fund raising can make a difference, like child malaria death rates in Africa dropping by 71% since 2001.

So, despite the seriousness, there’s still plenty to smile about. Speaking of which, in keeping with our bake sale, how about some foodie funnies?

Where do you go to learn how to make ice cream? Sundae school!

French police have reported an explosion in a cheese factory. All that was left was de-brie.

Did you hear about the Italian chef who ate too much? He pasta way.

And finally,

Why don’t eggs tell each other jokes? Because they’d crack each other up!

Chocolate chip cupcakes for our Comic Relief bake sale.

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