Christmas Jumper Day 2017

Christmas jumper day is woolly wonderful this year!

Christmas jumper day 2017 at GForces

Well, despite it being Christmas jumper day here at GForces, we’re afraid to report a shocking series of thefts. Somebody has been stealing our jumpers in order of size. We’ve informed the police, but they say the culprit is still at large.

And with that cracker of a joke, it can only mean one thing: Christmas jumper day 2017 is upon us! The annual charity event is in aid of Save the Children, and our UK offices have been keen supporters and partakers for a good few years now. You can join us in spirit by making your own donation of £5 and texting TEAMGFORCES to 70050.

Getting the jump on a Christmas jumper wearer at GForces.

By doing so, you’ll be helping make a difference to the lives of children all over the world by bringing them essential healthcare, education, protection, and food. It might protect them from easily preventable yet deadly diseases like malaria, diarrhoea, and pneumonia. Or it may make it possible to reach children forgotten because they were born in a remote village, because they’re girls or refugees, have a disability, or are from a minority group. In short, your donation will give children in desperate need the chance to be children again. Please give generously.

Christmas jumper team 2017

As always, the collection of themed threads has been anything but dull. Screen inspired sweaters from Star Wars, Die Hard, Elf, Home Alone, and even Meerkat Movies, have all made an appearance. Full reindeer resplendent suits can be seen dashing through the bistro. And there’s enough static discharge in the building for it to be a danger to the wiring.

Christmas jumper? Make it a Christmas suit!

There have been a few upsets though. One disappointed GForcer wanted a camouflage jumper for the day, but couldn’t find any. Another staff member left things to the last minute, and knitted theirs whilst driving to work. A police office shouted, “pull over!”, but they said it was more of a jumper. And a colleague who loses their temper when they open the coat cupboards has been accused of needing hangar management. Just like those jokes, the only thing that seems to have been out of bounds today is good taste. But our woollies are wonderful, and so is the cause.

Christmas jumper and Christmas cheer from GForces.

One more before we go…

Did you know that it takes twelve sheep to make the average Christmas jumper? That’s amazing – we didn’t know they could knit at all!

Happy Christmas Jumper day everyone!

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