Christmas Jumper Day 2016

Winter woollies give us a fuzzy feeling, all in the name of charity

What do you get when you cross a kangaroo with a sheep? A woolly jumper! And with that classic cracker joke, we kick off Christmas jumper day with the same amount of silliness, fun, and slight groaning that will have been echoed up and down the country today as thousands of people took part in the annual charity event.

We were able to raise £181.09, with even more being donated by texting TEAMGFORCES to 70050. You can help boost our efforts by doing just this. Texts cost £2 and all donations will go directly to Save the Children.


With both of our UK offices taking part, the display has been quite simply dazzling. From full suits adorned with Santa’s reindeer, to the essential musical and light-up wonder woollies, both Corbin and Birmingham have been anything but dull, quiet, or fashionable. But at the end of the day, we’ll pull it off stylishly – along with our jumpers, and hopefully avoiding lethal levels of static discharge in the process.


As of writing, the UK has raised over £194,235. We’re very glad to have played our part and encourage all our clients, partners, friends, and family to do the same. We guarantee that contributing to such a great cause will definitely give you a fuzzy feeling, and we don’t just mean because of the acrylic.

You won’t believe your mince pies what a difference it can make. Just £2 can help Save the Children provide healthcare, education, protection, and bare essentials like food to the millions of children around the world who are missing out on the most basic support.


Charity is an important part of GForces life and we have great fun taking part, which is what it’s all about. If you’ve had your own Christmas jumper day today, we hope you had a woolly wonderful one, just as we did.


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Author: Luke Phillips (110 Articles)

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