2018: Our Year in Review

2018 - our GForces year in review.

Join us for a celebration of everything we’ve achieved this year. 2018 has been a big year for GForces. We’ve taken on challenging market conditions, with both manufacturers and retailers seeing a very tough second half of last year. From fighting petrol pump prices to Brexit, politics has also played…

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Just Press Play – New Car Model Reveals

Making a lasting impact needn’t require a huge investment in time and effort; 30 seconds is all you need. New Car Model Reveals are designed for this exact reason – to enthuse your web visitors and make sure that the new models you are selling make a real entrance. New Car Model Reveals are short videos – typically 30 seconds – that can be hosted on a new car page on a dealer website and show off the vehicle’s exterior and interior design elements. They offer a far more engaging resource than simply hosting an image gallery, and also have the advantage of being distributable to numerous online platforms such as social media and YouTube.

The videos are effectively an ‘off the shelf’ solution meaning they can be live on a website in a matter of hours, helping to convert up to 80% more visitors into leads. We produce them as new cars become available and then host them within our expansive media gallery. Dealers can then request to have a particular vehicle video, and we can apply a customised top-and-tail, and even a voiceover, to reflect that business’s brand.

To demonstrate just how impactful New Car Model Reveals are, check out our new video above.

New video – the benefits of NetDirector CAP Valuations

Highly-converting online web tools, which then translate to actual transactions are the holy grail for digital dealerships. NetDirector CAP Valuations is a good example of such a tool. To help communicate – and demonstrate – the advantages of the product, we have created a video to explain some key features and the statistics relating to it.

Whilst we could talk all day long about how useful NetDirector CAP Valuations is, it’s probably better to let clients’ experiences do the talking.

Nicholas Allen, Sales Director at Thame Service Station; “Adopting NetDirector CAP Valuations has been a fantastic move for us. Our website was already performing well, but the strength of the leads that the valuations widget provides is high value currency. Those web visitors using our valuations tool are often in the advanced stages of the buying cycle – and are browsing our website with a genuine intent to buy. Enabling them to value their car not only provides them with greater impetus to pursue a purchase, it also helps us to acquire stock directly from our customer base. In short, NetDirector CAP Valuations has been a great addition to our digital strategy.”

To put this in context, Thame Service Station gains around 75 valuations leads per month organically, and through close tracking of these leads can confidently say that it converts, on average, 22% of them to sale.

Have a look at our video to see how NetDirector CAP Valuations could help you.

Mobile advertising turns to video

Last year, the amount of money spent on mobile advertising surpassed £1bn for the first time. In 2014, the focus on mobile has intensified and the associated budgets have continued skywards. According to eMarketer, it may even surpass the £2bn mark before we’ve finished eating turkey sandwiches and turn our…

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NetDirector Image QA & Image Augmentation testimonial

Digital stock preparation has been high on our agenda of late. Back in June our Head of Digital and Media Services, Steven Lloyd Barlow, spoke at our Client Conference about some of the innovations we are bringing to market to help clients prepare their stock appropriately for the digital forecourt.

One of these innovations was the Image QA – a system which gives retailers a simple set of guidelines to follow when taking pictures of their used stock to ensure they comply with recognised industry best practice. Birchwood Group adopted the system in several of its franchises and it was so successful at helping them sell cars that Paula Kemp, Birchwood’s Marketing Manager, was kind enough to leave a testimonial.

It’s not just Image QA that Birchwood adopted; the Group also took advantage of our Image Augmentation service. This has enabled Birchwood to take pictures without the worry of what’s in the background. The pictures they take are fed through to GForces’ Image Augmentation team which overlays a more suitable background to the vehicle to ensure that the focus on that car is maintained when a consumer views it.

The results Birchwood has driven into its business by utilising these services speak for themselves!


Video: Birchwood Group – NetDirector Auto V10 testimonial

Birchwood Group is a long-standing client that we have worked with since 2008 and will be one of the very first franchised retailers in the UK to move its website onto GForces’ all-new NetDirector Auto V10 platform. Currently in build, Birchwood’s Marketing Manager, Paula Kemp, is already so impressed by the technology that she wanted to leave a video testimonial.

Keep your eyes on www.birchwoodgroup.co.uk as well as our own social channels as we’ll be letting you know as soon as Birchwood Group’s V10 website goes live.

The making of ‘Subarural Life’

Earlier this year, Subaru engaged our Media Services team to produce a television advert to promote the brand’s XV and new Forester models. The advert was to be shown through Sky AdSmart – the innovative and highly targetable product from Sky Media which enables automotive brands and retailers to target…

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Car adverts through the years

The discipline of advertising has evolved somewhat since the car became a consumer object. Indeed, the media through which advertising is now disseminated would blow the minds of the early carmakers. But for a bit of light-hearted afternoon reading, we look at a few examples of automotive advertising through the…

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New site launches May-June

Here at GForces, our Projects and Production teams have been hard at it again, churning out quality new builds and site refreshes on our industry-leading software, NetDirector Auto. We’ve launched dozens of website over the past few months and wanted to share a few of them with you. Our wonderful…

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Video: GForces Client Conference 2014

We’re still reeling from the success of the GForces Client Conference which took place back in mid-June (when England were still in the World Cup – oh the anticipation). Hopefully you will have by now received the presentation from the day and had a chance to digest the materials provided.…

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AM Aftersales conference 2014 summary

GForces were proud sponsors of the AM Aftersales Conference on Tuesday 8th April at the Crowne Plaza, Heythrop Park Hotel in Oxfordshire. The event attracted over 200 delegates including vehicle manufacturers, franchised dealers, suppliers and speakers from a breadth of industries. Partners present also included CitNOW, Autodata and Call IT…

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The evolution of TV

Until the early 1990s digital television broadcasting was thought to be impractical and costly to implement. It soon became clear, however, that to accommodate fast-growing demand for improved quality of signal and a broader range of broadcasters, all-digital technology was a must, beginning with satellite and cable television services. Digital…

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