Understanding showroom visitors

Many commentators are latching onto the idea that the showroom, in its current form, is an anachronism – out of date and increasingly unfit for purpose. Within this broad brush statement there are truths, but they are outweighed by the fact that for the vast majority of car buyers the…

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The importance of hero content

Web video is one of the most important marketing and communication mediums available to car dealers. The proliferation of sites like YouTube have made it easy to upload video and embed it on a website, social media and even within marketing. Over 77% of the top 200 car dealers in…

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Reviews, blackmail and how to avoid it

Almost universal access to the web has brought us many positive things. No longer do we watch TV and wonder where we know that actor from – Siri will have the answer. Pub arguments about the 0-60 times of various supercars are irrelevant because a quick check on Wikipedia will…

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Embracing the internet – or not?

Once again we have assessed the Top 200 motor retailers in the UK to gauge which digital tools and services they are using as well as how this has evolved over time. For us, this quarter’s Embracing the Internet study has been extremely interesting compared to the last few. Yes,…

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Are you ready for ‘Mobilegeddon’?

Did you know that some commentators are calling today (April 21st 2015) ‘Mobilegeddon’? Well now you do, and even though the name might be a bit OTT, there is some basis behind it – for this is the day when Google’s algorithm has been updated to favour mobile-friendly websites in…

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Plug-in software showreel

A website plug-in is a piece of software that can be added to a website in order to improve specific functionality, meaning you can extend the abilities of your website without creating a whole new site. All plug-in software offered by GForces is compatible across all web platforms, whether it’s a NetDirector system or from a third party provider.

From conversion tools such as NetDirector CAP Valuations and NetDirector What Car? to communications and aftersales tools like NetDirector Chat Manager and NetDirector Service Bookings, our range of plug-in software is quick and simple to install so you can realise the benefit much sooner.

The elevation of the consumer’s browsing experience through functions that add genuine value is what makes plug-in web tools such a vital part of today’s automotive retailing experience. For more information on our plug-in software, or any NetDirector product, please contact us on 0844 247 4523 or email info@gforces.co.uk

An internship – with a flair for design

By Danielle Wills, Marketing Communications Graphic Design Intern. What comes to mind when you hear the word intern? Being the go-to person for tea duty, having a big “Intern” label tattooed across your forehead in case people didn’t know who to give all the horrible jobs to, being considered as…

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Mobile advertising turns to video

Last year, the amount of money spent on mobile advertising surpassed £1bn for the first time. In 2014, the focus on mobile has intensified and the associated budgets have continued skywards. According to eMarketer, it may even surpass the £2bn mark before we’ve finished eating turkey sandwiches and turn our…

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