Google AdWords Testimonial – Co-Operative Motor Group, Lincoln – Mazda

Multiple-franchise retailer The Co-Operative Group, Lincoln – Mazda has received 40% of their enquiries through their Google AdWords campaigns since partnering with Premier SMB Partner GForces. They have a close relationship with GForces, regularly modifying campaigns to ensure they deliver strong results. The cost per enquiry is around £8 which is excellent value for money for their business.

Co-Op Lincoln Mazda ensure they put their spend in the right areas to maximise their return on investment and would encourage other retailers to use Google Adwords campaigns.

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An internship – with a flair for design

By Danielle Wills, Marketing Communications Graphic Design Intern. What comes to mind when you hear the word intern? Being the go-to person for tea duty, having a big “Intern” label tattooed across your forehead in case people didn’t know who to give all the horrible jobs to, being considered as…

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NetDirector Image QA & Image Augmentation testimonial

Digital stock preparation has been high on our agenda of late. Back in June our Head of Digital and Media Services, Steven Lloyd Barlow, spoke at our Client Conference about some of the innovations we are bringing to market to help clients prepare their stock appropriately for the digital forecourt.

One of these innovations was the Image QA – a system which gives retailers a simple set of guidelines to follow when taking pictures of their used stock to ensure they comply with recognised industry best practice. Birchwood Group adopted the system in several of its franchises and it was so successful at helping them sell cars that Paula Kemp, Birchwood’s Marketing Manager, was kind enough to leave a testimonial.

It’s not just Image QA that Birchwood adopted; the Group also took advantage of our Image Augmentation service. This has enabled Birchwood to take pictures without the worry of what’s in the background. The pictures they take are fed through to GForces’ Image Augmentation team which overlays a more suitable background to the vehicle to ensure that the focus on that car is maintained when a consumer views it.

The results Birchwood has driven into its business by utilising these services speak for themselves!


Video: Birchwood Group – NetDirector Auto V10 testimonial

Birchwood Group is a long-standing client that we have worked with since 2008 and will be one of the very first franchised retailers in the UK to move its website onto GForces’ all-new NetDirector Auto V10 platform. Currently in build, Birchwood’s Marketing Manager, Paula Kemp, is already so impressed by the technology that she wanted to leave a video testimonial.

Keep your eyes on as well as our own social channels as we’ll be letting you know as soon as Birchwood Group’s V10 website goes live.

The making of ‘Subarural Life’

Earlier this year, Subaru engaged our Media Services team to produce a television advert to promote the brand’s XV and new Forester models. The advert was to be shown through Sky AdSmart – the innovative and highly targetable product from Sky Media which enables automotive brands and retailers to target…

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The life of a GForces Marketing Intern

Back in April, we looked into Britain’s youth unemployment levels and how we are proud to offer internship opportunities through the GForces Academy. Internship placements can provide students with a real competitive advantage when preparing for employment. Experience of workplace structure, practices and cultures can prove invaluable to students when…

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GForces Academy

The latest youth unemployment figures indicate that the number of those out of work in the UK has fallen to a five-year low – at 6.9% of the adult working population – but there are still areas of concern, notably youth unemployment at a stubbornly high 19.1%. More than a…

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Lifestyle Europe: Y-o-Y revenue increased 152%

Carys Jukes, Group E-Commerce Manager of Lifestyle Motor Group, has always viewed aftersales as one of the core business elements that could be easily enhanced through web tools. “In recent years we have changed our processes radically. A shift in our communication strategy and greater focus on digital has seen…

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SEO Success for Nissan retailer websites

Across our mixed and varied client base, generating results through the intelligent application of digital marketing is a priority. Nissan’s retailer websites are no exception and a dedicated team works full-time to develop and hone class-leading marketing strategies. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the key component for making a retailer’s…

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