Our April Monthly Roundup

A shower of superb website launches in April

April is the month where spring truly gets well under way, usually with a sprinkling of showers to kick-start all that growth and renewal. For us at GForces, it never rains but it pours when it comes to our monthly website launches. As ever, the number of brilliant NetDirector® backed sites has grown, and we’ve seen another key aspect of spring embraced – with the migration of one of the UK’s ‘top five’ vehicle retailers to user-first. Here is our April monthly roundup.

Our first April launch was for the Hughes Group, representing six manufacturers across the Buckinghamshire area in three locations. The clean, modern, simple design will improve the user experience delivered, and make their messaging and marketing communications clearer.

Our first set of full scores in customer satisfaction, came from new clients BHP Autos, an independent used car retailer based in Cuffley, Hertfordshire. Priding themselves on customer service and the quality of the products they offer, we believe GForces will be a perfect match for them. And it seems they agree.

“We are looking forward to taking our business forward with the assistance of GForces with whom I have absolute faith in, judging by my working with their industry expert Ismail, who is always available, patient and very knowledgeable.”

Nick Breaks, Owner, BHP Autos

Foskers are the UK’s oldest independent Ferrari specialist, and can now represent a brand famed for its innovation and technical prowess with a cutting-edge website. We integrated aesthetics suitable for their sector, along with rich media and functionality to support their stunning range of stock.

Leed Autos are a family-run, used-car business renowned for their personable and reliable service. Based in Ashford, Kent, they were particularly impressed with how well we understood their business, the advice we gave, and our communication.

“I chose GForces because of their expertise in the field and professional approach. Project management and training was good throughout.”

Damian Lee, Leed Autos

An existing client looking to improve the functionality and performance of their website was Simonstone Motor Group. A multi-franchise dealer group operating in the south-west, they have adopted NetDirector® Auto as the new platform for their Fiat, Hyundai, and used-car operations.

“Great communication throughout build and design. Really impressed with end results.”

Ian Jones, Group Sales Director, Simonstone Motor Group

Lookers are one of the top five vehicle retailers in the country, representing 33 manufacturers at 160 franchised retail locations throughout the UK. They’ve migrated to user-first, putting priority on delivering a dynamic and expansive user experience designed to meet the needs of their customers. Having worked with Lookers for over eight years, we have helped generate a 500% increase in site traffic over that period. We look forward to even greater results following the move to user-first.

Imola of Bristol are a pre-owned quality prestige specialist, run by Viv Hope and Joe Chatham. They boast a wide range of vehicles, from Audi to Volkswagen. Formerly on the AutoTrader platform, they have chosen GForces to take their brand forward with a custom design and a prestige website.

“We have received a fantastic service from all GForces team members.”

Viv Hope, Imola of Bristol

Another new client, who had previously built and managed their own website, was Logan’s Auto Sales. Running both a website and a business proved a strain on time and resources. Introduced to us via their contract with AutoVolo, we have introduced them to a content-friendly website with an integrated, easy to use stock management system. We were therefore very pleased to receive another set of full scores for customer satisfaction recognising how satisfied they were with the products and platform.

So, as always, our month was a broad mix of independent dealers, franchised businesses, and major retail groups. We’ll leave the last word to another happy client, RRG.

April testimonial for GForces from RRG.

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