All-new Mazda MX-5: Our iconic journey, pt. 1

Since we got our fourth-generation Mazda MX-5 we’ve been pretty busy, racking up well over 2,500 miles and visiting coast, countryside and a variety of conurbations. In this blog, we look at the first 15 locations in our whistle-stop tour, with those who have taken part giving thoughts on the car, and why they chose their iconic location.

location 1



Location 1 – Brands Hatch. Chris Newble, Social Optimisation Executive: “The world’s best selling roadster certainly lived up to its hype! I am fortunate enough to have one of the world’s most iconic race circuits on my doorstep and after watching racing there since a young age, it was a pleasure to take the fourth generation MX-5 there for a spin.”


location 2



Location 2 – Lowestoft seafront. Steph Greenwood, Brand Communications Manager: “The car was surprisingly comfortable during the long drive back to Suffolk. I learned to drive on Lowestoft’s wide seaside roads, so it was great to take the MX-5 back to where my driving journey began. At the end, I didn’t want to give it back!”




location 3


Location 3 – North Downs over Wye. Michael Forsdyke, Senior Marketing Account Manager: “I chose the location as it’s where I used to take my mum whilst she was undergoing chemotherapy and when I was going through chemo we went there together as well. The MX-5 is a cracking little car – even with a 1.5l engine it revs really well, meaning you could have a lot of fun with it, particularly because it’s rear wheel drive. Being very small and nimble means you always feel in control and because it’s quite minimal on the inside, you get to hear the engine which has a pleasant purr, particularly at higher revs.”


location 4



Location 4 – Recreating a childhood photo. Dan Rogers, Marketing Account Manager: “My family has had MX-5s around since I was a kid, and I’ve grown up with a real love for them to the extent that I have my own which I race! I took the new MX-5 back to my childhood home and recreated a picture of me taken back in 2000 with my parents’ MK1 MX-5.”



location 5


Location 5 – The George and Dragon, Ightham: James Coleman, Marketing Account Executive: “The MX-5’s punchy engine provides decent grunt, and the car is surprisingly comfy for something so small, though my legs did get a bit restless after a few hours’ driving. I chose my location because it was the meeting point for all my away games when playing football growing up. We’d then convoy down all over Kent to and from the matches.”



location 6


Location 6 – Hastings Seafront. Ian Francombe, Account Director: “I took the all-new MX-5 to Hastings seafront as a throwback to my childhood. My parents owned two Mazda 323s when I was younger and we’d often go to Hastings for a trip to the seaside with fish and chips to top the day off, so this was a great chance to take Mazda’s newest and sportiest car back to this iconic location in my life.”



location 7



Location 7 – Plaxtol. James Taylor, Account Manager: “The MX-5 is a good drive and handling in particular stands out. Navigating the tight lanes around the typically Kentish village of Plaxtol was effortless, and it’s possible to carry extra speed in comparison to other cars. On the flip side, the power was a little lacking – a bit of extra oomph would’ve been appreciated. I chose Plaxtol because my Dad used to take me there in his old Saab 9-3 convertible. When I was younger I didn’t have my Dad around very much, so to be picked up in the soft-top Saab was something of a treat.”

location 8


Location 8 – Felpham Beach. Francesca Morgan, Senior Product Manager: When I got the opportunity to take the MX-5 on a trip to Goodwood, I had to make a stop off at the Felpham beach where I spent many summers as a child! The MX-5 was great fun to drive, especially around the country roads and really was like a little go-kart. Whilst not very comfortable on the motorway, the MX-5 would definitely be a strong contender if ever I had the money to buy a ‘weekend’ car.”


location 9



Location 9 – Twickenham. Tom Hopes, Head of Planning: “I’ve got great memories of travelling up to Twickenham in the back of my dad’s car, parking up near the stadium, chucking a ball around before the game and annoying other drivers. So when Mazda gave us the keys to the new ‪MX-5, and with tickets to Gloucester vs Quins already in the bag, it seemed only right to return the favour and drive us to the game. There was even enough space in the boot for a rugby ball!”


location 10



Location 10 – St Mark’s Church. Jennifer Allen, SEO Lead: “This is where my fiancé, Andy, and I marry this summer. It is our local church, just a few minute drive from our home. With a little help from the MX-5, we were able to plan our route from the church to our wedding reception venue.”




location 11


Location 11 – Silverstone. Abigail Russell, Marketing Account Executive: “Two years ago I completed my first running event which was a half marathon at the Silverstone circuit. When my Mum was ill I told her that I would raise as much money as I could for Macmillan cancer, so this was the first of many events that I have completed in memory of her. Taking the ‪MX-5 to the Silverstone track was iconic for me as I can remember completing the last lap and the incredible feeling I had of making her proud. It has inspired me to go on to tackle many more events raising over £2,000 for Macmillan, leading to the London Marathon which I will be running in 2016!” (If you’d like to sponsor Abi, check out her Just Giving page)

location 12



Location 12 – Coventry Transport Museum. Alice Bason, Marketing Account Executive: “The Mazda MX-5 was an absolute pleasure to drive. It did turn a few heads with its looks – and because I had the roof down in the middle of winter! Being quite short in height, I was surprised to find that I felt a bit cramped. I had to have the seat right forwards which made me feel too close to the windscreen. However, the comfort of the seats and the exciting drive to the Coventry Transport Museum made up for this.”


location 13




Location 13 – Johnsons Cars. Jennifer Allen, SEO Lead: “My dad and I bought a new Mazda CX-5. The MX-5 is renowned as being the iconic little sister of the CX-5 and so took great pleasure in collecting our CX-5 in the MX-5.”


location 14




Location 14 – Goodwood. Chris Newble, Social Optimisation Executive: “Mazda was the centre of attention at the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2015 and it was also the first opportunity I got to see the new ‪‎MX-5 in the flesh. It was therefore a fitting tribute to take the car back to the iconic Goodwood estate for a drive.”


location 15



Location 15 – Seasalter. Ben White, Content and Comms Manager: “Back in 2010 two friends and I all bought MK1 Mazda MX-5s. In the summer we went for a mini road trip around East Kent, ending up on the seafront at Seasalter near Whitstable, and I rate it as one of the best driving days of my life. The all-new MX-5 retains so much of the original car’s character in the way it drives; fast enough to have fun, but not so fast your licence is constantly in danger, and with a fantastically balanced rear-drive chassis. Like the original it’s also a bit noisy on the motorway!”


As you can see, those who have driven the all-new Mazda MX-5 are almost universally positive about it. To read part two of our iconic journey, click here.

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