UnameIT Live 2017 – A meeting of automotive innovation

Communication, lead generation, UnameIT – we’re capable of great things together.

Last Thursday, GForces attended UnameIT Live 2017, which took place in the beautiful city of Apeldoorn in the Netherlands. We should probably make it clear we weren’t on holiday or sightseeing however, but taking the opportunity to join one of our important European partners for their 20th anniversary conference.

Founded in 1996, UnameIT are a leader in the fields of lead generation, lead management, and customer relationship management (CRM). We joined them, as well as more than 150 dealers and vehicle manufacturers from across the Netherlands, to discuss the online future of the automotive retail industry.

And of course, both GForces and UnameIT are planning to play pivotal roles in that future. The event proved the perfect opportunity to announce our collaboration to deliver NetDirector® products and services in the Netherlands.

In fact, if we’re honest, we’ve already done so. FrankVaneman Automotive, in Amsterdam and Hoofddorp, are already benefiting from the seamless integration of NetDirector® Auto, and the UnameIT LEF lead management tool and SAM CRM system.

Paul Hilton, our Retail Sales Director, was on hand to illustrate not only our success so far, but what together, we’re capable of. UnameIT provides products and services to more than 60% of franchised dealers in the Netherlands, and shares many of the core values GForces holds dear – integrity, innovation, and the use of data to drive informed business decisions. With the Dutch market covering up to half a million annual sales, there’s a lot of potential too.

Paul Hilton, Retail Sales Director, GForces, addresses the crowd at UnameIT Live 2017

Paul Hilton, Retail Sales Director, GForces

We’re confident 2017 will be an expansive year for GForces in European markets, especially with UnameIT enabling us to further our reputation and reach within the Netherlands. We look forward to exploring more new sectors and delivering our next-generation platform and services to a wider customer base than ever before.

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