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GForces win big at Small Business Awards

Small businesses form the backbone of the corporate landscape. They are often the centre of job creation in the communities they operate within. But regardless of size, there’s nothing small about the impact they can have. By driving growth and opening new markets, their contribution to the economy is vital.

Small businesses are places where innovation flourishes, and where fresh ideas constantly challenge corporate stalemate and the status quo. Constant competition is good incentive for others to adapt, making many small businesses leaders in their field. They also just happen to make up 99.9% of businesses in the UK.

GForces too started off small, and remains to this day a privately run and funded company. That means we earn our rewards and success the old-fashioned way. It’s one of the reasons we’re honoured to have been named ‘Best Automotive Software & Digital Service Provider 2016’ by Corporate Vision Magazine, in their annual Small Business Awards.

Corporate Vision Magazine was created by a highly experienced and passionate team of business experts, advisors, and insiders. They provide their worldwide readers with a wealth of news, features and comment. And to have our dedicated efforts and significant successes recognised by such an esteemed group is a wonderful way to end 2016.

Since 2010, GForces have been awarded nearly 40 industry awards, from accolades for stunning client websites, to honouring our next-generation technologies, products, and services. We are very happy to be able to add another to the collection.

And GForces continue to make contributions to the wider community, just as other small businesses up and down the country do. We’re very glad to follow their lead. Our staff rely on local services like petrol stations, and perhaps more importantly, the village bakery – so they not only can get to work, but keep going once they get here. And we rely on a multitude of businesses, from dry cleaners to conference venues, to operate as we do. That’s why we don’t just see ourselves as connected to the small business community, but a part of it too. We look forward to continue being so.

You can find a full list of the award winners at

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