500 into 24 does go!

GForces have reached a major milestone. Our 500th dealer group has gone live on NetDirector® Auto V10. After just twenty four months on the market, this represents the fastest take up of any dealer web platform in the UK.

Altogether, there are now 740 active GForces NetDirector® Auto V10 websites in operation. And from there, the numbers just get bigger. The success of the platform has generated millions of leads and recorded over a billion interactions via NetDirector® Business Intelligence. Making NetDirector® Auto V10 the only true SaaS platform dedicated to the automotive market was always a key part of its design for functionality, fast deployment and adaptability. We hope the consumer and user-first orientated focus is a significant aspect of its success, both now and going forward.

We are very pleased to welcome Furrows as the latest dealer group to join the NetDirector® Auto V10 family. Its flexibility allows us to work with existing technology ecosystems and to add new features and widgets with ease. The interactions we record inform the direction of the marketing services we perform on behalf of our clients. And in turn, that hones our ability to deliver consumer convenience and conversion.

We of course hope our 500th dealer group will be happy with the roll out too. Since its launch, NetDirector® Auto V10 has maintained an impressively high average project satisfaction rate of 4.8 out of 5, so we’re fairly confident all will be well. And as always, our technical innovation goes hand in hand with our dedicated people. Our most recent customer satisfaction surveys reached their own milestone of their highest ever rating of 99.1%. And that little bit of room for improvement in both those scores? Well, that’s where we go next!

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