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Vauxhall partners with GForces to build and promote next-generation retailer websites

Vauxhall is partnering with automotive-sector digital specialists GForces to offer an overhauled online presence to its entire UK retailer network.  GForces will build next-generation websites and provide a range of tools and services – including those to support digital service bookings and eCommerce – to raise the network’s online visibility and improve the quantity and quality of retailers’ online interaction with customers and prospects.

GForces-built websites will be made available to all of the 434 UK-wide Vauxhall locations as part of this retailer opt-in scheme, each site being based on GForces’ market-leading NetDirector software suite.  Recognising that a fast-growing proportion of Britons now search for new and used cars on mobile devices, the sites will be optimised from the outset for browsing via smartphones and tablets.

Vauxhall’s aftersales operations will also benefit from the digital programme.  Retailers will be able to offer customers a comprehensive online service-bookings facility, as well as market and sell parts and accessories online.

Every retailer website will feature new- and used-vehicle listings, and will be supported by advanced marketing and lead management systems to help channel potential new business more effectively.  Retailer staff will also have access to content management systems through which they can manage their web presence, utilising branding and website copy disseminated across the network by Vauxhall, with a level of adaptability to make it relevant to their local area, ensuring dealers can maintain their local brand personality whilst being able to offer industry leading tools to their customers.

“After a thorough search process  across the UK and abroad, GForces proved to be the best-equipped company to produce the most advanced retailer website platform not only in the UK, but globally,” commented Andy Freeman, head of digital and relationship marketing at Vauxhall.  “We want our retailers to benefit from the best digital technology available, not just to enhance the online marketing of their businesses, but to offer their customers the latest digital experience.  This programme ensures all our retailers have the best possible website platform, as well as the most sophisticated digital tools available.  Ultimately, the initiative will improve customer engagement and retention, aid in brand building and support our retailer’s efforts in pushing for growth in a highly competitive market,” adds Freeman.

Jamie Dixon, Sales Director at GForces, added, “This partnership will give rise to a market-leading internet strategy in the UK automotive sector, and play a key role in helping Vauxhall achieve its commercial and operational objectives over the next few years.  The NetDirector platform not only meets the requirements of Vauxhall retailers and their customers, but will be continually evolved in-line with industry developments to meet consumer expectations through 2013 and beyond.”

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