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iPhone 6 and Apple Watch – Our thoughts

Last night saw the long-awaited and much anticipated launch of the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch – yet another round of Apple reinventing things. Of course, we were watching and listening with bated… well

NetDirector Video 360

What’s the first thing a customer would usually do when looking at a car on a dealership forecourt? A would-be car buyer circulating a potential purchase is a scene repeated up and down the country

The importance of collaboration

When looking for instances of collaboration going wrong (read: not happening), British Leyland counts as a great example on many levels and for many reasons. Though a manufacturer group by name and entity, the various

Video: GForces Client Conference 2014

We’re still reeling from the success of the GForces Client Conference which took place back in mid-June (when England were still in the World Cup – oh the anticipation). Hopefully you will have by now

Gadgets meet garments

Until fairly recently, a ‘watch phone’ was the stuff of fantasy, worn only by TV characters such as Dick Tracey, Captain Kirk or George Jetson. However, with the potential volume uptake of the Android-based Samsung

Excited for the Lenovo YOGA 13

The Lenovo YOGA 13 is the latest tablet to enter the market. Slightly more advanced than a tablet, being referred to as an IdeaPad, it comes with a detachable keyboard and 4 different modes –

Are UK dealers digitally dominant?

It is a common view that automotive retail in the UK is a few years behind the US when it comes to digital technology.  The USA embraces new technologies more quickly, and to a greater

Goodbye Mr Mouse!

Well it seems the future has arrived...Watching a science fiction film the other day, I realised the enormous speed at which technology has evolved. The film only 6yrs old, with it's big budget production and

Social Chinese Whispers

On Friday 29th I was one of the many thousands of people who decided to go to London for the royal wedding. One of the things I found amazing (not just Kate’s dress) was the

Is the Grass Actually Greener?

Cheaper road tax, no congestion charge, and lower fuel bills; these are the benefits we normally associate with hybrid cars however, given the technology is essentially still in its infancy people are reluctant to take

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