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The importance of collaboration

When looking for instances of collaboration going wrong (read: not happening), British Leyland counts as a great example on many levels and for many reasons. Though a manufacturer group by name and entity, the various

Car adverts through the years

The discipline of advertising has evolved somewhat since the car became a consumer object. Indeed, the media through which advertising is now disseminated would blow the minds of the early carmakers. But for a bit

Social Media and You

A mixture of dealers and social media enthusiasts gathered for the first MotorTrader Social Media and You Conference. Taking place at Mercedes-Benz World in Surrey, attendees were exposed to speakers from Google, IMRG, Marshall Motor

Consumers Consumption turns 24-7

Consumer consumption has changed somewhat over the past fifty years. The internet has developed an infectious nocturnal breed and the way we socialise and spend money to that of 10 years ago is completely different

Happy Birthday Internet

Today we celebrate the internet's 41st birthday. It was in 1969 that Charley Kline tried to login to the Stanford Research Institute and in doing so transmitted the first message 'lo' via ARPANET when the

Embrace the Internet

Many dealers throughout the industry have reported significantly less footfall over the past few months with scrappage ending, the current economy and the rise in internet usage. So we ask ourselves how many dealerships are

Embrace the Internet

Technology breeds contempt. At least it does with the vast majority of the mass market late adopters of all things new and innovative. It is human nature to resist change

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