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Making ripples through social media

Social Media is now the platform of choice for many of our clients, and their dealership networks, to harness the opportunity to build closer relationships with their local communities. Doing so supports the consideration and

“It’s awesome turning 10”

Have you heard that Facebook turned 10 last week? Of course you have, as the Facebook ‘Look Back’ videos are clogging up users’ newsfeeds. In fact, according to Forbes, around 200 million people have watched

The rise of online video advertising

With companies constantly looking for fresh and innovative ways to tap into new revenue streams, it is of little surprise that online video advertising has seen rapid growth in the last year.  Analysts at Forrester

How can car dealers use Vine?

People – and businesses – are constantly developing new ways of sharing a small piece of their lives or messages, innovating as they go. Looking through the records of social media, 0 Read More

To follow or not to follow…?

So who deserves a follow or like? First of all, the brand has to be interesting and popular – it is unlikely that I would follow a company that I have never heard of, or

Are UK dealers digitally dominant?

It is a common view that automotive retail in the UK is a few years behind the US when it comes to digital technology.  The USA embraces new technologies more quickly, and to a greater

Make Social Media work for you

Whether you start with Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, you start reaching hundreds of visitors every day. Having a social presence allows you to represent your dealership in a fast paced market...

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