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An internship – with a flair for design

By Danielle Wills, Marketing Communications Graphic Design Intern. What comes to mind when you hear the word intern? Being the go-to person for tea duty, having a big “Intern” label tattooed across your forehead in

Seven innovative uses for defunct tax discs

Seemingly every automotive publication, website and commentator is clamouring to tell us that not only are we thoroughly confused by the ‘death of the tax disc’, we need their advice to understand the (actually quite

NetDirector Video 360

What’s the first thing a customer would usually do when looking at a car on a dealership forecourt? A would-be car buyer circulating a potential purchase is a scene repeated up and down the country

The importance of collaboration

When looking for instances of collaboration going wrong (read: not happening), British Leyland counts as a great example on many levels and for many reasons. Though a manufacturer group by name and entity, the various

Car adverts through the years

The discipline of advertising has evolved somewhat since the car became a consumer object. Indeed, the media through which advertising is now disseminated would blow the minds of the early carmakers. But for a bit

Lookers signs deal for NetDirector Auto V10

PRESS RELEASE LOOKERS TAKES A LEAD IN THE DASH FOR DIGITAL WITH ADVANCED NEW SOFTWARE Three-year, multi-million pound deal for all-new GForces NetDirector Auto V10 digital platform and tools New “game-changer” technology is to be

GForces Client Conference 2014

On Wednesday 18th June we held our first formal client conference. Taking place at the idyllic Heythrop Park resort in Oxfordshire, over 150 of our esteemed clients, partners and suppliers attended the GForces Client Conference

SEO Success for Nissan retailer websites

Across our mixed and varied client base, generating results through the intelligent application of digital marketing is a priority. Nissan’s retailer websites are no exception and a dedicated team works full-time to develop and hone

Lies, damned lies, and statistics

It’s been announced this week that new car registrations increased by 10.8% in 2013. According to the figures released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), 2,264,737 cars were registered in December, marking

The impact of Google private search

Google’s power and influence should never be underestimated.  Globally, the search engine dominates the market and took a massive 65.5% of all searches in December 2012 (  In the UK its influence is even greater

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