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Sold out pre-orders of iPad Mini

The Apple iPad Mini has sold out of its initial inventory just three days after the new device became available for pre-order online.

The shipping times for all three Wi-Fi versions of the black and white iPad Mini have now been pushed back to two weeks, indicating that the initial stock is sold out. The LTE-enabled iPad Mini models have not yet gone on sale.

Apple worried some investors with its decision to the price the new 7.9 inch tablets starting at $329, significantly more than competing tablets like the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire, but the sales so far suggest that demand for the iPad Mini is strong even with the higher price.

Source: Mashable

One Comment to Sold out pre-orders of iPad Mini

  1. avatar Jay Reading says:

    The iPad Mini tablets seem to be selling for more than retail on the likes of eBay, I’ve even noticed a gadget buying website buying iPad Mini tablets for more than retail price! The website was great way to make a quick buck I reckon, especially since many of these iPad Mini tablets could become unwanted Christmas presents haha!

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