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How can car dealers use Vine?

People – and businesses – are constantly developing new ways of sharing a small piece of their lives or messages, innovating as they go.

Looking through the records of social media, Facebook has been a pioneer in allowing users to post their latest hilarious (likely drunken) or unnecessarily sentimental (likely involving their children) picture albums and integrating ‘tagging’ to widen an image’s reach.  Twitter has also been quick to capitalise – giving users the opportunity to add a single image to their tweets.  In fact tweets with images have engagement rates of twice those of tweets with no images.

Instagram, which has been embraced by social network users who seem to wish to view the world through a number of synthetic filters, is now a phenomenon.  Over 90 million users from around the globe regularly log-in to post the next round of sepia images.

Video has also become a massively important part of social sharing.  YouTube recently reported that it has breached the one billion unique users per-month mark, meaning that one-in-six of the world’s population uses the video sharing website on a regular basis.  Businesses are also using video to connect with their customers by demonstrating goods and services.  A particularly good example for franchised dealers is CitNOW, a tool used to create videos quickly and easily, which can then be uploaded to a dealer website or sent to an individual customer.

There’s now a new kid on the block.  Vine – which was launched as a Twitter-based IOS App in January – lets users post six-second, constantly looping videos via the micro-blogging website.  Six seconds might not sound like a lot, but by being creative, brands and individuals are embracing Vine as a quirky way of spreading their message.

There have already been some creative ‘Vines’ by individuals and brands ( including Malibu and The Times newspaper (  Someone even managed to ride a broomstick thanks to the app (

Car dealers could also utilise Vine as a creative way of engaging with their Twitter followers.  Their Vines could be useful – pointing out on a popular model where important things are located under the bonnet, such as oil and coolant top-up.  They could demonstrate the space in a car with seats in different positions.  Dealers could even show the process of changing a wheel or suspension component in a six-second time-lapse.

Engaging with consumers is an increasingly difficult task.  There is a lot of social noise, and people will only pay attention to something that stands out.  Adding video – and Vine – to your social sharing strategy could just help you get your voice heard.

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