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Our new main boardroom vinyl – do you like?

We’ve recently had our main boardroom “Churchill” redocorated with a feature wall vinyl, custom created by our talented in-house designer. Dedicated to the great man himself Sir Winston Churchill, it’s befitting of the military theme we have running through our office.

All of our boardrooms are named after key participants in the second World War including veteran pilots who flew over Kent in the Second World War. These include ‘Churchill’, ‘Dowding’ (after Hugh Dowding of Fighter Command), ‘Stirling’ (after Sir Archibald David Stirling, founder of the SAS), ‘Gibson’ (after Guy Gibson of Bomber Command and the Dambusters), ‘Bader’ (after Flt/Lt. William J. Corbin DFC), ‘Scrase’ (Flt/Lt. Rodney Scrase DFC) , ‘Ayerst’ (after Wing Commander Peter V. Ayerst DFC) and ‘Montgomery’ (after Field Marshall Montgomery who masterminded victories in North Africa).


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