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GForces revitalises Jardine’s web presence

A stunning video of the McLaren MP4-12C featuring both the coupe and spider models was shot on location with the dramatic backdrop of London at night helped launch Jardine Motors new, state of the art website. The Top-10 UK dealer group is overhauling its digital marketing strategy using GForces NetDirector digital software as the platform for from which a range of all-new digital marketing initiatives will be implemented.

Jardine Motors who specialise in the Premium, Prestige and Luxury sectors of the market representing 24 manufacturers including Ferrari, Maserati, Aston Martin and Porsche, as well as Audi, BMW, Volkwagen and Honda launched its new website at the end of January, incorporating a variety of GForces-developed features to help attract and retain greater levels of relevant consumer interest online. As well as all-new visually appealing graphics and a user-friendly layout which encourages browsing and supports consumers through the research process, the website has a variety of practical features which elevate it above the company’s previous site.  These include CAP new car specification information and a used-vehicle valuation tool, WhatCar? reviews and NetDirector Service Booking – which enables both new and existing customers to book a service through the website.

Jardine is also embracing social channels to help reach out to consumers.  The Group’s YouTube channel features a number of GForces-produced videos, filmed on-location at Jardine dealerships, to help promote products including the McLaren and the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class.  .

Jardine Motors’ newly appointed Marketing Director, Peter Deane, who is orchestrating this digital overhaul, said, “The launch of our new website is the first stage in our plans to improve our digital marketing capability and presence.  It is obvious that consumer behaviour is changing rapidly and that these changes are being driven by the internet specifically, and increased use of digital media more generally.  The new website helps us to capture more of this market more effectively, fulfilling consumer expectations to the benefit of the business.”

Tim Smith, Commercial Director at GForces, commented, “Working with one of the UK’s leading dealer groups, representing some of the most prestigious brands in the business, has been an exciting project.  Jardine Motor Group’s evolving digital strategy will help them reach out to more people and raise their brand awareness, along with providing a classy user experience through the website.”

Peter Deane concluded, “We have partnered with GForces as they are perfectly placed to help us adapt to and benefit from these changes in consumer behaviour.  We will be working closely with them in the future, introducing more functionality to the website and also focusing on innovative new areas of digital marketing.”

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