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GForces Inspire Young Students

Oakwood Park Grammar School invited GForces to their careers day on January 6th. The day consisted of three half hour talks to year 8 students about careers in web design.

Our Head of Creative Matt Ellis represented GForces:“It was a great experience to present to year 8. I explained about GForces the company, the way we work and the opportunities a dynamic company can offer to people starting a new career. The enthusiasm and involvement from the students allowed for an interactive presentation. These students have a difficult decision to make regarding which subjects they will be taking next year. I hope my presentation gave them some insight to working for a leading web management company and designing dynamic web media.”

Connexions Event organiser Marion Ward was extremely pleased with Matt’s presentation. ‘Some great feedback from the students was recieved, comments ranging from ‘great web design presentation’ and ‘maximum marks for being interesting.’ Matt continues ‘It was a really successful morning to help youngsters from the school make decisions about possible career opportunities for the future.  I would like to thank GForces for supporting the young people of Maidstone again – Matt did a fantastic job and really got the students engaged’

Amanda McCarthy, Education Business Consultant adds ‘Young people naturally have an affinity with the use of e- communication and media. To have GForces visiting our schools helps us enhance students learning experience and their understanding of how to progress in this fast moving industry. The staff who work with us are at the forefront of their business and work hard to ensure young people get the most out of the event.’

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