Plug-in software showreel

A website plug-in is a piece of software that can be added to a website in order to improve specific functionality, meaning you can extend the abilities of your website without creating a whole new site. All plug-in software offered by GForces is compatible across all web platforms, whether it’s a NetDirector system or from a third party provider.

From conversion tools such as NetDirector CAP Valuations and NetDirector What Car? to communications and aftersales tools like NetDirector Chat Manager and NetDirector Service Bookings, our range of plug-in software is quick and simple to install so you can realise the benefit much sooner.

The elevation of the consumer’s browsing experience through functions that add genuine value is what makes plug-in web tools such a vital part of today’s automotive retailing experience. For more information on our plug-in software, or any NetDirector product, please contact us on 0844 247 4523 or email