Showroom Footfall

When someone visits your forecourt it’s extremely rare now that they are just ‘browsing’. Car buying tends to start a couple of months prior to a visit, the intermediate time being taken up by web research, considering new options before finally whittling them down to perhaps just one or two.…

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The AM Top 100

AM Magazine’s July edition contained the all-important, brand new Top 100 ranking, which looks at the 100 best performing dealers in the country and analyses their performance over the previous 12 months. This year there has been some significant movement within the pack, several new entries and the not insignificant…

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The three Ps of aftersales

We were at the AM Aftersales Conference back in April and as ever there was a lot of engaging content and talking points. Not least among this content was the split between car owner use of independent and franchised retailers for servicing. Trend Tracker data shows that since last year,…

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Digital Stock Preparation

Consumer expectations of the web are constantly changing. It’s a two-way relationship; when something new, flashy and dynamic appears on one website, consumers will gradually begin to expect it on other websites. Equally, web developers and software companies are falling over themselves to create the next innovation which will help…

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NetDirector Image QA & Image Augmentation testimonial

Digital stock preparation has been high on our agenda of late. Back in June our Head of Digital and Media Services, Steven Lloyd Barlow, spoke at our Client Conference about some of the innovations we are bringing to market to help clients prepare their stock appropriately for the digital forecourt.

One of these innovations was the Image QA – a system which gives retailers a simple set of guidelines to follow when taking pictures of their used stock to ensure they comply with recognised industry best practice. Birchwood Group adopted the system in several of its franchises and it was so successful at helping them sell cars that Paula Kemp, Birchwood’s Marketing Manager, was kind enough to leave a testimonial.

It’s not just Image QA that Birchwood adopted; the Group also took advantage of our Image Augmentation service. This has enabled Birchwood to take pictures without the worry of what’s in the background. The pictures they take are fed through to GForces’ Image Augmentation team which overlays a more suitable background to the vehicle to ensure that the focus on that car is maintained when a consumer views it.

The results Birchwood has driven into its business by utilising these services speak for themselves!