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An integrated approach to digital marketing

With 31% of under 35-year-olds in the UK reportedly saying they would buy a new car directly via the internet (Gfk Automotive), the competition for reaching consumers online is extremely high.  Therefore motor retailers, along with the vast number of other retailers also fighting for attention online, need to exploit digital-savvy marketing strategies.

Effective digital marketing is about reinforcing your brand and promoting your products and services to a relevant online audience.  GForces’ Total Digital Marketing (TDM) offers a comprehensive range of services that can be utilised individually or together to create highly targeted, ultra relevant and compelling marketing campaigns.

Campaign Driver
Campaign Driver is a content-rich, hyper-relevant web page where consumers will find the most pertinent information for a particular campaign.  This can include videos, images, 360-degree dynamic interior views,  and the means to make a direct enquiry.  Responsive design means that no matter what the browsing device, the consumer has a rapid, content-rich browsing experience.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)
SEO is the most basic and critical feature of web marketing.  By re-structuring pages, adding keywords, posting fresh content and more, it is possible to promote a particular vehicle, offer or service through organic search results.

Video search engine optimisation (VSEO)
76% of digital marketers are planning to add video to their website (Social Media Examiner).  Optimising videos can bring your brand, products and services up the natural search rankings, increasing the likelihood of someone engaging with your business.

Pay-per-click marketing (PPC)
PPC marketing ensures that your business is always positioned at the top of Google search results.  Using Google’s PPC function and exploiting keywords and segment niches means that GForces can deliver real value for money, with cost-per-click often as low as 30p.
Email marketing
Through email marketing it is possible to track open rates and click-throughs to targeted website pages, meaning impact is highly measurable and campaigns can be tailored accordingly.

Retargeting gives motor retailers the chance to re-engage with a consumer after they have left the website, increasing the chances of a transaction taking place.  It works by displaying advertising on third-party websites – including Facebook – based on a consumer’s previous browsing habits.  A cost is only incurred when someone clicks on it, meaning it will often bring free brand awareness.

Social media
Over 75% of female car buyers and 54% of male car buyers use Facebook (Digital Air Strike).  A large proportion of Facebook and Twitter users follow brands or businesses, so using social channels are a proven means of promotion to a potentially huge audience.

NetDirector LeadBeast
The most important aspect of a digital marketing campaign is to be able to identify what impact it is having.  NetDirector LeadBeast enables motor retailers to track leads based on their source and display results so they can be compared easily.  By looking at where your leads are coming from, you can hone your marketing accordingly.

The integrated approach to digital marketing was recently taken by SMC, the largest privately-owned motor retailer group in the South East, representing five brands across nine locations.  With a brief to drive record number of new car sales in the opening quarter of 2013 – focusing on the new Ford Fiesta, B-Max and Focus, SMC employed GForces’ Total Digital Marketing.  By utilising the various features tailored to this brief, SMC saw an increase of overall traffic to the website by 25%, as well as an increase of 35% of hard leads and 8% of website conversion.  The Facebook campaign also reached over 6,500 people, and traffic to the website from Facebook increased by 986% in comparison to Q1 in 2012.

Combining these digital marketing tools has enabled motor retailers such as SMC to drive greater quality and quantity of engagement both with their websites and with promotion-specific digital initiatives.  The business outcome, over and above brand and product awareness, is hard leads.

To stand out to your target audience, you need a joined-up and focussed digital marketing campaign which attracts and funnels interest to the right page, first time.  Total Digital Marketing is the new standard for digital marketers, giving them all the tools they need to shout the loudest.

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