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AM Aftersales Conference

GForces were proud sponsors of the AM Aftersales Conference on Wednesday 24th April at the Hilton Hotel in Burton upon Trent. Attracting over 170 delegates including OEM’s, franchised dealers, suppliers and speakers from a breadth of industries including Trend Tracker, Reevoo, BTC and PayPal.

AM’s Aftersales Conference explored the challenges and opportunities facing dealers as well as identifying ways to maximise profit and develop additional revenue streams. Whilst the entire conference had been designed to both enhance customer loyalty and increase turnover, the workshop sessions brought aftersales as a continuing profit centre sharply into focus, with all workshops boasting a full house.

Tim Smith, GForces commercial director was a key note speaker, presenting how perception is one of the main problems in the market, how tools, culture and transparency are essential to alter how consumers perceive their pricing, quality and convenience. Consumers increasingly expect to research and transact their vehicle Aftersales business online, but dealers need to adapt or they’ll continue to lose out to the independents and fast-fits. Smith shared how only 6% of Top 200 dealers have service plans online and only 25.5% currently enable customer to book a service via their website.

Chris Oakham, director of Trend Tracker shared data from their new report highlighting how dealers are struggling with SMR and how independents are gaining ground. Oakham shared how mileage driven by consumers has fallen 13% from 1996 could mean less demand for service, tyres and brakes etc., and low car sales mean 4 year car parc has fallen 20% from peak in 2004/05.

Wessex Garages and Simpsons Skoda were amongst those to speak in the workshops and received a full house in both sessions.

David Bayliss, GForces Training Lead presented in the ‘Online Service Booking’ workshop, discussing how dealers need to stop trying to delight their customers and lead by example; marketing the ability to customer to book their service online through effective widget placement, advertising banners, website jumps, clear navigation and transparent pricing. Ridgeway Group used to receive an average of 8 enquiries a month before integrating NetDirector Service Booking, since then they have seen a 212% conversion increase.

Richard Singleton, GForces Aftersales Lead presented in the ‘Add ons’ workshop looking at Parts, Accessories and Tyres. Singleton shared how demand for wipers and tyres has soared with Google calculating over 60,500 wipers searched for and 2.74 million tyres a month in the UK. Dealers need to look at new ideas to close the gap between them and the independents/ fast-fits by marketing offer-led online.

Look out for the video, photos and interviews from the day.

We thank everyone who particpated and attended and proud to be a part of a great session within a brilliant industry.

GForces Exhibiting Stand

GForces Exhibiting Stand


Building Trust - EVHC & video ' walka arounds' workshop - full house

Full house… Building Trust – EVHC & video ‘walk arounds’ workshop

Full house - Service plans, online service bookings and online payment

Full house – Service plans, online service bookings and online payments workshop


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