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74th for Kevin at the ITU World Championships

Kevin Robins was invited to compete in the ITU World Series in Auckland for Great Britain back in October. Three years ago he was an overweight smoker but has since competed in countless marathons, triathlons and iron man’s to finally cross the line in the blue lycra of Team GB.

He was aptly named ‘mileage man’ by RunKeeper after clocking up more than 10,000 miles in his training which lead to his selection in Auckland. Every morning Kevin would leave at 6.30am, cycling 40 miles to GForces – often stopping for a swim on the way – before cycling home in the evening, jumping off his bike and embarking on one killer of a run.

Unfortunately New Zealand didn’t supply optimum weather conditions for Kevin to compete in. This hindered his performance and whilst 74th out of 106 was an admiral time, Kevin was hoping to come top 50 – 30 if he’d have been on better form.

Kevin comments:

“I was quite nervous at the start and it all went a bit strange from there. Quite a few of us got lost because of the chop and tide, and you couldn’t really see the buoys. We were out there for ten minutes more than we had to be – it was a terrible start.

“Then most of the ride was straight into the wind. But the run is my strongest event by far. I saw Danny Mason, another Team GB athlete, just ahead and tapped him on the shoulder as I went past saying that I would see him at the finish. Then I started getting stomach cramps and he came straight back past me, with a smile on his face.”

Kevin has already registered for this year’s Sevenoaks triathlon, and plans to do more events including an Iron Man event in Austria and the 2013 world triathlon championships in London.


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