It’s nice to be recognised


Whilst we don’t align ourselves with any political party, it’s nice to be recognised as a stand-out business in our local area. In this vein, we were surprised, and pleased, that we were featured in a political canvassing leaflet being distributed around Maidstone by Louise Brice – a local Conservative…

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GForces Blog


Today is somewhat momentous for us within GForces’ Marketing Communications department. After many years serving as the company’s mouthpiece, the current blog is being put to pasture. Taking its place is this – our all-singing, all-dancing, fully responsive and brand new blog! Hopefully you will agree that this is a…

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Aftersales 2015


We’ve been gearing up for the AM Aftersales Conference recently which has turned our attention away from the SMMT’s monthly bonanza of big numbers and squarely back onto this all-too-important part of the motor trade. We have read the articles in the trade publications, looked at trends from users of…

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Embracing the Internet

Top 200 survey

The results are in for our latest “Embracing the Internet” study and they are encouraging. Almost across the board, uptake of digital tools among the UK’s top 200 motor retailers is up – in some cases significantly. And whilst there is the odd reduction in adoption of some products, the…

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Just Press Play – New Car Model Reveals

Making a lasting impact needn’t require a huge investment in time and effort; 30 seconds is all you need. New Car Model Reveals are designed for this exact reason – to enthuse your web visitors and make sure that the new models you are selling make a real entrance. New Car Model Reveals are short videos – typically 30 seconds – that can be hosted on a new car page on a dealer website and show off the vehicle’s exterior and interior design elements. They offer a far more engaging resource than simply hosting an image gallery, and also have the advantage of being distributable to numerous online platforms such as social media and YouTube.

The videos are effectively an ‘off the shelf’ solution meaning they can be live on a website in a matter of hours, helping to convert up to 80% more visitors into leads. We produce them as new cars become available and then host them within our expansive media gallery. Dealers can then request to have a particular vehicle video, and we can apply a customised top-and-tail, and even a voiceover, to reflect that business’s brand.

To demonstrate just how impactful New Car Model Reveals are, check out our new video above.

New video – the benefits of NetDirector CAP Valuations

Highly-converting online web tools, which then translate to actual transactions are the holy grail for digital dealerships. NetDirector CAP Valuations is a good example of such a tool. To help communicate – and demonstrate – the advantages of the product, we have created a video to explain some key features and the statistics relating to it.

Whilst we could talk all day long about how useful NetDirector CAP Valuations is, it’s probably better to let clients’ experiences do the talking.

Nicholas Allen, Sales Director at Thame Service Station; “Adopting NetDirector CAP Valuations has been a fantastic move for us. Our website was already performing well, but the strength of the leads that the valuations widget provides is high value currency. Those web visitors using our valuations tool are often in the advanced stages of the buying cycle – and are browsing our website with a genuine intent to buy. Enabling them to value their car not only provides them with greater impetus to pursue a purchase, it also helps us to acquire stock directly from our customer base. In short, NetDirector CAP Valuations has been a great addition to our digital strategy.”

To put this in context, Thame Service Station gains around 75 valuations leads per month organically, and through close tracking of these leads can confidently say that it converts, on average, 22% of them to sale.

Have a look at our video to see how NetDirector CAP Valuations could help you.