Me and my EV

Back in the summer we wrote about the cars that grace the GForces car park and even devoted a blog to our resident MG Midget. Thing is, we don’t just drive conventionally-powered cars here; several of our number use pure
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Bad weather sells cars

To a certain extent, the assumption that more people go online when the weather isn’t up to much is a pretty obvious one to make. How many of us take one look at the precipitation and obvious chill in the
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National Chocolate Week

There are many celebrations of ‘things’ these days. Barely a week goes by when we haven’t had ‘National walk like an Egyptian day’ or ‘International abstain from golf month’. And this week is no exception, for between the 13th and
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GForces speaks to UKC students

As part of GForces’ on-going engagement with those still in education, Head of Digital Media Services at GForces, Steven Lloyd-Barlow was this week invited to speak to second year students at the University of Kent. In a valuable and insightful
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Digital Stock Preparation

Consumer expectations of the web are constantly changing. It’s a two-way relationship; when something new, flashy and dynamic appears on one website, consumers will gradually begin to expect it on other websites. Equally, web developers and software companies are falling
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GForces’ new website is live!

Despite being constantly busy creating and managing websites for our automotive clients, we have found time to redesign our own website. It has been a labour of love, but after plenty of hard work from our MarComms department which was
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