At what cost a crossing?

Since 1963 there has been a toll road in place to get you across the Thames between Dartford in Kent and Thurrock in Essex. This means that for almost 50 years, motorists have been charged a nominal fee to travel
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New GForces Support Structure

As part of GForces continued ambition to deliver the best possible customer service, we have introduced a new support structure aimed at improving your experience when contacting our business, the communication you receive whilst your request is being handled and
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What do you stand for?

The importance of graphic design – David Simmons, GForces’ Marketing Communications design lead, explains why it’s important to put more emphasis on brand and marketing.
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Honda shows its ‘other side’

Every so often a manufacturer brand does something outside ‘the norm’ which really catches our attention. More often than not it needs to be flashy, noisy and with some kind of digital wizardry to catch our attention. Yesterday, on October
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Plug-in software showreel

A website plug-in is a piece of software that can be added to a website in order to improve specific functionality, meaning you can extend the abilities of your website without creating a whole new site. All plug-in software offered
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AM Used Car Market Conference

The new car market may be taking the headlines, but it was the used market that was the focus of attention on Tuesday 21st October. The annual AM Used Car Market Conference brings together expert speakers and numerous businesses with a
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Me and my EV

Back in the summer we wrote about the cars that grace the GForces car park and even devoted a blog to our resident MG Midget. Thing is, we don’t just drive conventionally-powered cars here; several of our number use pure
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