NetDirector CAP Valuations Infographic

We studied 34 different clients running the NetDirector CAP Valuations widget over a three month period. These clients including franchised, independents and car supermarkets from across the UK. The below infographic shows emerging trends of consumers sourcing valuations.
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GForces Quiz Night

Q1 2015 was celebrated on Friday 6th as we gathered in Maidstone’s Oakwood House for a ‘pub quiz’. A positively confuddling quiz had been put together to test the grey cells (and staying power) of staff – with high-stakes prizes
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Wear it. Beat it.

Coronary heart disease is the UK’s single biggest killer. One in four are lost to heart and circulatory disease, from babies born with life-threatening heart problems, to parents and grandparents who survive heat attack and endure the daily battles of
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A bumper harvest for Apple

You probably won’t have escaped the news that Apple has had a rather good quarter. Not only the best quarter of its own lifetime, but the best business quarter of all time. Yep – with profits of £11.8bn for the
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