Car adverts through the years

The discipline of advertising has evolved somewhat since the car became a consumer object. Indeed, the media through which advertising is now disseminated would blow the minds of the early carmakers. But for a bit of light-hearted afternoon reading, we
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The odd world of motoring

For well over a century we’ve been driving the roads of the world and in that time there have been a plethora of odd incidents, rules and vehicles. Below, and for no other reason than a bit of light reading,
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5 Inspiring Automotive Advertising Campaigns

Advertising campaigns and targeted marketing activity have become big business for every industry, and the automotive industry is taking it all in its stride, grabbing hold of the digital world with both hands and delivering engaging and innovative campaigns to
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Midget car, big fun

In our previous blog about the cars people at GForces drive, we mentioned a particularly interesting little stunner; a 1972 MG midget. Bearing in mind many of our readers will have likely found this blog because of their
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Car Dealer Power Award Winners

The Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth is a fantastic setting for any event. Standing 560ft above the south coast with views across the Solent and South Downs, it has quickly become a major landmark. It was also the venue for the
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My Mini Experience

They say fate happens in mysterious ways, and less did I know, just by walking through the wrong door, I was about to embark upon my second mini adventure. Two months ago I purchased my NEW Mini Cooper. If I’m
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The Great Escape

As the makeup-clad glam god, Alice Cooper, sang, school is indeed out for summer, and it’s a mixed blessing. For kids it means a couple of weeks of freedom from the cruel bonds of the classroom (before the inevitable boredom
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Lookers signs deal for NetDirector Auto V10

PRESS RELEASE LOOKERS TAKES A LEAD IN THE DASH FOR DIGITAL WITH ADVANCED NEW SOFTWARE Three-year, multi-million pound deal for all-new GForces NetDirector Auto V10 digital platform and tools New “game-changer” technology is to be utilised across the full Lookers
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GForces Annual Cricket Event

On a hot and sunny afternoon can you think of many better things to be doing than enjoying a cold drink on a village green and watching a game of cricket? Well we can’t, which is why GForces stages an
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