GForces’ new website is live!

Despite being constantly busy creating and managing websites for our automotive clients, we have found time to redesign our own website. It has been a labour of love, but after plenty of hard work from our MarComms department which was
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Recent New Site Launches

It has been yet another busy period of new website launches and our team of Project Managers, Developers, Designers and numerous others have been working hard to ensure each site gets the attention it deserves. New launches include a mixture
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iPhone 6 and Apple Watch – Our thoughts

Last night saw the long-awaited and much anticipated launch of the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch – yet another round of Apple reinventing things. Of course, we were watching and listening with bated… well everything, really, as many of
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Statistics for the Connected Consumer

There is lots of talk nowadays about the ‘connected consumer’. How to reach them, how to engage with them, and how to convert them from browsers to buyers. After attending the AM Digital Dealer Conference at the Heritage Motor Centre
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We are Spartans!

On 30th August, three of GForces bravest men dared to take on the renowned Reebok Spartan Race. Testing their physical and mental strength, they battled their way through over 5 kilometres of strenuous obstacles in the picturesque Pippingford Park, East
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NetDirector Video 360

What’s the first thing a customer would usually do when looking at a car on a dealership forecourt? A would-be car buyer circulating a potential purchase is a scene repeated up and down the country on a daily basis. But
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The importance of collaboration

When looking for instances of collaboration going wrong (read: not happening), British Leyland counts as a great example on many levels and for many reasons. Though a manufacturer group by name and entity, the various brands that fell under the
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Car adverts through the years

The discipline of advertising has evolved somewhat since the car became a consumer object. Indeed, the media through which advertising is now disseminated would blow the minds of the early carmakers. But for a bit of light-hearted afternoon reading, we
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The odd world of motoring

For well over a century we’ve been driving the roads of the world and in that time there have been a plethora of odd incidents, rules and vehicles. Below, and for no other reason than a bit of light reading,
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5 Inspiring Automotive Advertising Campaigns

Advertising campaigns and targeted marketing activity have become big business for every industry, and the automotive industry is taking it all in its stride, grabbing hold of the digital world with both hands and delivering engaging and innovative campaigns to
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