Q3 G-Fest

24-08-15-GFest blog image

For the weeks leading up to our third quarterly update of the year, the MarComms team nervously checked the weather updates on an almost hourly basis, and as news of the theme spread, many questioned what would happen if it rained. However, the Great British weather held out for our…

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane?


Perhaps it’s a UFO… Today, GForces has been the subject of attention from an unmanned aircraft, which has been buzzing the skies over our HQ just outside of Maidstone. For over an hour we could see and hear it overflying the office, undertaking fast low passes as well as hovering…

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Porsche Bike – on test


We work with many car brands across the UK. This enables us to experience, albeit digitally, some pretty cool metal from some of the world’s most renowned manufacturers including Ferrari, McLaren and Porsche. On this last note, it’s not just cars that we get to have fun with. Due to…

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